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CAW BIO: Voice Vindy (Intensity #10)

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CAW BIO: Voice Vindy (Intensity #10)

Post by Tim on Tue Aug 09, 2016 4:12 pm

Ringname: Voice Vindy
Full Name: Vincent Gregory Hochberg
Birthdate:  January 22nd, 1996
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Billed From: Detroit, Michigan
Debut: Intensity #8 (August 9th, 2016 real time)

Voice Vindy is an american professional wrestler signed to a contract with CMV Intensity.

Early Life
Hochberg was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1996 to Abraham and Lucille Hochberg (ne' White), Hochberg is half-jewish on his farther's side and to this day practices Jewish traditions. In 2012 his father died of lymphoma and Hochberg began a steady slope to a life of crime. After being arrested several times, Hochberg would turn to a life of street fighting for money. In 2014, a small wrestling school opened in his neighborhood. Hochberg had watched WWE growing up and thought that making money as a wrestler would be simple. After a year learning the trade, Hochberg would wrestler all over Michigan, mostly losing. Hochberg's co-workers noted that he was exceptional at selling and advised he take wrestling a tad more seriously. After several more years of training, Hochberg came up with his gimmick of a street fighter turned wrestler who was only in it for the money. in 2017, Hochberg was signed to CMV developmental territory and then later brought to the main roster under Intensity.

Wrestling Career
Vindy opened his career by having an interview with Rex Carter before his match on Intensity 8, stating his background and his style before leaving Rex. In the match, Vindy took on Bryan Sanders in singles action. Vindy would pin Sanders after hitting him with Vindication, securing his first win in his CMV career.

Voice Vindy would take on Chet Taylor for his second match and was defeated in a great match. After losing he would leave an interview saying that he's not meant to take on someone on his level and subsequently booked to face Colin Styles on Intensity #10. In another debilitating loss, Vindy would lose to Colin Styles, while he did put up a fight, Vindy could withstand the onslaught of Styles.

Vindy would secure a spot in Quarantine's King of the Ring Tournament after defeating Wendall Grace.

Being a street fighter from Detroit, Vindy utilizes a brawler style in the ring, his signature move, Voice of the People is MMA style Superman punch.

Personal Life
Hochberg has a scar that starts at his upper brow and trails around his nose and to the corner of his mouth, he has admitted in interviews that he acquired this scar when he won a street fight and the loser pulled a knife, after he was grazed, the other fighters subdued the assailant, beat him up and threw him in a dumpster.

Hochberg is half-jewish and observes all Jewish holidays.

    - Vindication (Running bulldog from the corner; 2015 to present)
    - Voice of the People (Superman punch; 2015 to present)

Championships & Accomplishments
XICW Xtreme Intense Champion (2 time)
XICW Light Heavyweight Champion (1 time)

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