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"Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by covfefe on Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:07 pm

The crowd cheers when Soloway’s music hits here in the early portions of the fallout of Takeover, but they’re blindsided by the sight before them: Soloway coming out here on crutches, a thick brace around his right knee.

Soloway: Now do you all believe me? For months I was the victim of verbal assaults to my character and my career. For months I had to deal with Bryan Sanders saying that I was afraid to wrestle him, when it was always the opposite. I pitied him. What happened at Takeover was exactly what I was trying to avoid in the first place!

Soloway shakes his head.

Soloway: And isn’t it funny how it all began with Sanders WRONGLY sitting at my table, only to end with me putting him through one? Poetic justice is what I think they call it, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Unfortunately, putting all of that past me came at a cost. When I lifted that deadweight up into the air to end him with the greatest powerbomb the world has ever seen, I tweaked something in my knee. Something that won’t be fixed until Blood Rush, but I promise you all that I won’t stop until I main event Implosion by getting the title match that I EARNED by beating the current champion. Voice, I just want you to know….

Sanders: I find it funny that you think this is over, Teddy.

The boos are deafening when Sanders walks out with a cocky smirk on his face.

Sanders: Now you say that you won the match...but I’m not so sure about that. Look at you--you’re hurt...limping around, while I’ve had the best nights of sleep of my life. Considering all of that, I would say that I won the match!

Soloway: I see what you’re trying to do, but that’s the old me. I don’t need to make excuses for loses...when I’m too busy BEATING punks like you on pay per view.

Sanders: You think that a tables match means anything in the grand scheme of things? In case you haven’t been keeping count, I put you through TWO tables. Last Sunday was only the first I’ve gone through. You’ve got some catching up to do.

Soloway: You need to let this go, Sanders. It’s over. I won.

Sanders: What pisses me off is that I bet the GM would have actually given you a shot at the title. And these bastards in the crowd would have eaten up every second of it because you say funny things and dance like an idiot on your way down to the ring. It’s ridiculous. I BEAT Zack Starr. What do I get for that? A pat on the back? A good job? Meanwhile, they’re going to give you the world because you beat Voice Vindy months ago.

Soloway: No, Bryan, unlike you, I’ve beaten everyone for months while you were watching backstage wishing you could be me.

Sanders: I don’t want to be you. I want to beat you.I want to show anyone who thinks otherwise that there’s a huge gap in talent between the two of us. I am a WRESTLER, and you are just a SHOWBOAT. All you’ve proven is that you can break a table. Not that you can pin me.

Soloway: I wish I could try, but as you can see..

Sanders: What I see is another fake injury trying to make sure that you stay far away from me until this whole things blows over and people forget about everything, right?

Soloway: The doctors said--

Sanders: SHUT UP!

Sanders kicks away one of the crutches out from under Soloway’s arms, and despite desperately trying to stay upright, Soloway tumbles to the ground. Soloway is trying to get up, but he can’t put any weight on his right leg.

Sanders’ eyes light up.

Soloway wasn’t faking it.

Sanders quickly grabs the fallen crutch and wails away at Soloway’s bad knee--the unsettling sound of his screaming echoing in the heads of the thousands in attendance. Sanders is driven by such fury, such passion, such rage, that the crutch ends up twisted and broken--and it’s only then that Sanders feels satisfied enough to stop.

He raises the crutch up high proudly in the air, soaking in the boos as Intensity fades into a commercial break.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by covfefe on Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:09 pm

I'm just a one-man baaaaand!

Boos born of a seething hatred for Bryan Sanders kick up in the instant the intro to his entrance music is heard.

Disappointment in the trajectory of his career caused Sanders to snap and turn on the people he once held dear. Now he’s in it for himself, and this one-man crusade against Teddy Soloway has left him alone on an island.

Despite losing last week, and to Soloway at Takeover, Sanders as an arrogant smirk on his face as he lazily strolls onto the stage with a microphone in hand and steel chair tucked under his arm. He pauses for a moment to gaze out at the crowd. This time last year he wasn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar; now, he’s one of the most despised men in the company--and even this strong, negative reception must feel better than the radio-silence that once plagued him.

Sanders opens up the chair in the middle of the stage, then dramatically plops down in it with a sigh.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do believe it’s time we had a little chat...

Sanders swallows as though finishing the sentence is causing him physical pain.

...about Teddy Soloway.

He spits the name out, as if it were beneath him to even say the name. In a stark contrast, however, the fans break out in cheers at the drop of Soloway’s name.

Go ahead and try to make him feel good about himself. How incredibly ironic is it that he beat me only to hurt himself in the process? That just goes to show that winning the battles means nothing.

The war is mine.

I took him out week after week, put him through table after table, and ripped him apart piece by piece to the point where he fell apart just trying to break even with me.

Now that the dust is settled, you can all see that I stand tall. Everything that Teddy Soloway was and could have been is gone. This is the Bryan Sanders Show now, and it won’t be long until I have the championship gold that’s been kept away from me for too damn long! And I can’t...

”Teddy Soloway!”

The crowd cuts Sanders off with a chant that’s visibly getting under his skin.

And I can’t...




Sanders pops out of his seat, but anything he attempts to say is drowned out by the crowd’s impassioned chants.

Finally, Sanders simply points up at the titantron.

After a couple of seconds, a picture of a woman, an infant and a man who looks like a younger Teddy Soloway, full head of hair and all, are displayed on the big screen--smiling for the camera in front of an apartment complex.

The chanting dies down as the murmuring begins.

With a smug sense satisfaction, Sanders lifts the microphone up back to his mouth.

Do I have your attention now?

He lowers himself back onto the chair, as the fans remain transfixed on the titantron.

Ever since Teddy Soloway let it slip that he carries around the trombone he proposed with, I’ve been curious about a lot of things.

Who would marry such a loud-mouthed, obnoxious, self-serving prick?

So I started digging.

It helps that the company treats me like a joke. When you only have a match once in a blue moon, you find yourself with a lot of free time.

Sanders chuckles dryly.

What you see above is a picture of a couple desperately trying to keep up appearances of being happy for just one flicker.

How five years fly by.

That woman? Let’s call her Jane Doe, because not even I’m heartless enough to embarrass her for making the mistake of falling for the likes of Soloway.

That baby?

The child they never wanted. An accident that will forever bind them together, and the ONLY reason she said yes to a proposal to a wedding that she BAILED on.

The crowd is struggling to figure out a way to react. That Bryan Sanders would stoop so low to tarnish Teddy Soloway is unfathomable.

The Teddy Soloway who you all think you know and who you pathetically cheer for was a deadbeat.

A loser.

Teddy Soloway was a man who dropped out of college.

He couldn’t keep a job.

His friends and family turned their backs on him when he couldn’t keep his act together.

He couldn’t find a woman who loved him.

I could go on and on, but to put it simply:Teddy Soloway was a loser.

A cold smile creeps its way onto his face.

And don’t you feel sorry for him, because Jane is the real victim here. She fell for the smooth talk and I bet that she’ll regret that one night for the rest of her life every time she looks at that little boy.

Imagine that, Teddy. In a  moment of weakness, she said that she’d marry you. Then when she realized what a cancer you would be to her life and that boy’s she up and left.

Have you ever seen him walk?

Heard him say his first words?

You never even got to see him off for his first day of school.

You’re as terrible as a father as are a wrestler.

The picture, still up there on the titantron, has become hard to look at as Sanders continues spilling secrets from Soloway’s personal life.

I hope you forgive the intrusion, Teddy, but I needed to know what makes you tick.

I needed to know why you are the way that you are.

And now I know… the “winning” streak, the lies, the excuses, it was all because you’ve lost and failed so much in your life, that you couldn’t  stand it anymore.

Getting into the wrestling business wasn’t because of some dream you had as a young boy. It wasn’t because you thought it was cool; it was an act of desperation--a last resort to make something of yourself.

But you lost every match, and then some--only proving in Jane’s eyes that you two didn’t have a future together. Imagine that, Teddy. Imagine having a child and being too broke to put clothes on his back and food on the table.

I never thought it would be possible for me to feel sorry for you--and I’m still not, because you brought it all on yourself.

A cold expressions falls over Sanders’ face.

All you had to do was put the bottle down.

Audible gasps are heard now as the image on the titantron changes to a mug shot of Teddy Soloway looking unkempt with a five o’clock shadow, hair in desperate need of brushing and bloodshot eyes.

If you could make up these elaborate lies for things as simple as losing a match, I wonder how far you went to make yourself and people around you believe that everything your life was going as planned.

When you passed out in a park and woke up in a cell, I wonder if you told yourself that you were the victim. WE are the victims, Teddy, for having to deal with you. I was the victim when you picked a fight with me over a seat at the table. Jane is victim for giving you the time of day. Your son is a victim because his entire life he’ll have to live with the fact that he has a sorry excuse of a man for a father.

Yet somewhere along the line I became the bad guy for sticking up for myself and what I believe in. I keep watching as these opportunities pass me by, when the likes of Teddy Soloway can shoot right to the top and get the spotlight because he has the stink of another brand on him.

I’m the better wrestler than him, BY FAR, but because he dances and makes crappy jokes, he’s the one with the future in this brand. Not anymore.

Sanders points up at the titantron.

Look at him.

Look at him!

That’s not the face of a hero or a champion. That’s the face of a disgrace who made every wrong decision a man could make in a lifetime and lost everything he cared about in the process.

And, Teddy, as you sit in a dark corner somewhere nursing a can of your favorite store-brand beer, wondering why the six pack won’t make the pain and the shame go away--I want you to know this: the biggest mistake you made was crossing me; I’m going to make you regret all of it.

I’m going to tear you apart physically, mentally and emotionally.

I’m going to keep going until you’re a broken shell of a man with no choice but to admit that this company, hell, maybe even this world, would be better off without you.

“Scumbag” Teddy Soloway, I used to think that I would be able to prove that I the real main eventer by going through the company’s cash cow, but now, after all that I’ve learned about your sad, sad, sad life, I see now that you’re not worth beating at all.

You’re nothing.

You always have been, and you always will be.

Sanders gets up and walks off to the back, leaving the mugshot of Soloway on the screen until it’s forever burned into the minds on the CMV Universe.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by covfefe on Sun Apr 23, 2017 3:31 pm

As Intensity rolls on, Bryan Sanders is standing next to an uncomfortable looking guy.

Guy: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time…

He can’t even finish the sentence. He clearly doesn’t want to be here.

Sanders: What’s the matter, Guy? A few months ago you were my biggest fan.

Guy: I wouldn’t go that far.

Sanders: And now I can’t help but get the feeling like you can’t stand the sight of me.

Guy: Gee, I wonder what could be the reason for that.

Sanders: I did what I had to do.

Guy: You crossed a line.

Sanders: That line was crossed when I was attacked for sitting at a table.

Guy: And that excuses what you said? What you did? You embarrassed Teddy. Everything was strictly wrestling until you went and brought his personal life into it.

Sanders: I exposed him for the failure and the fraud that he is. You should be thanking me.

Guy: Thanking you?

Sanders: Thanking me for proving once and for all that Teddy isn’t worth investing any time, effort or emotion into.

Guy: He’s a human being.

Sanders: He’s the crap that I scraped off the bottom of my boot and I didn’t even have to beat him in a match to utterly decimate him the way that I did.

Guy: You’re lucky he doesn’t come back here and beat you from here to kalamazoo.

Sanders: You don’t think I haven’t planned for that? It’s why I have this...

Sanders pull out a piece of paper from his pocket.

Sanders: A restraining order. One that reads that were Teddy Soloway to even so much as breathe on me outside of a sanctioned match, he will be fired on the spot. Any chance of Jane or Teddy Jr. welcoming him back into their lives would die at that very moment.

Guy: How did you even anyone to sign off on that?

Sanders: All I had to do was show them the evidence. Tell them the truth. Let them know how Teddy lost his cool over a table. How he attacked me twice at two consecutive pay per views for absolutely no reason. How he is a dangerous man who needs to be kept in check.

Guy is at a loss for words.

Guy: You’re a coward.

Sanders: Everyone is entitled to their opinions. All I know is that I’m the future.

Guy: No, you are a coward. The only reason why you’re back here and not out there is because you know the crowd would boo you out of the building!

Sanders: They can boo me; they can cheer for me. What they think won’t stop me from becoming a champion.

Guy: You think you’re going to get anywhere with the losing streak you’ve been on?

Sanders: Losing streak? I’m on the up and up. I wasn’t the one who tapped out last week. And if I remember correctly, I was the only one following procedure by being on the apron--where the illegal is supposed to be--when the match was over. It’s only right that I’m awarded the victory for so loyally following the rules.

It’s not lost on Guy what Sanders is trying to do.

Guy: You son of a bitch.

Sanders: Yeah? Well if you don’t like what I’m doing...maybe you should do something about it.

Guy: Maybe I will.

Sanders: Great! See you at Blood Rush.

Sanders turns and walks away.

Guy: Wait...what? Oh my god….

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by covfefe on Tue May 02, 2017 2:49 pm

As the final episode of Intensity before Blood Rush airs, we’re taken backstage to see Guy pacing back and forth mumbling to himself.

Guy: How did I let that happen? A match against Bryan Sanders? How could I be so stupid? Aw man, he beat Voice Vindy! The champ! How is someone like me even gonna come close?

Soloway: Oh my God, can you stop?

Guy smiles as Teddy Soloway hobbles into the frame with crutches under his arms.

Guy: Y..you’re here! Do you know of any way to help me?

Soloway: Guy, as you can see, there’s nothing much I can do. Now..

Soloway looks Guy up and down.

Soloway: Is that what you’re going to be wearing?

Guy: This is the only thing I had that weren’t jeans?

Soloway: Well why are you wearing it days before the match?

Guy: I thought it would help me get used to wrestling in them.

Soloway: Have you actually trained in any kind of wrestling at all?

Guy: I did a few hours, but I don’t feel like that’s enough.

Soloway: For Bryan Sanders? That’s more than enough. Take it from the guy who had one of the most prolific and legendary winning streaks in the history of this business: you’ve got this in the bag.

Guy: But he--

Soloway: But nothing. He’s only doing this to get to me because he knows he can’t beat me, so he’s not even trying anymore. Technically you don’t even have to fight him.

Guy: What do you mean?

Soloway: Kick him in the family jewels, smack him upside the head with a steel chair. Why fight a losing battle? This way you lose, but still get the last laugh.

Guy: I don’t know, Teddy, I was never raised to take the easy way out.

Soloway: Fine. If you’re gonna be stubborn about it, then I’ve brought you some good luck charms.

Guy: Will they actually work?

Soloway: Who knows? We’ll see on Sunday.

Guy: Oh my God…

Soloway rummages through a bag and pulls out a t-shirt and a mask.

Guy: What am I supposed to do with these?

Soloway: Well the shirt is so that when times get tough, you’re beaten up and knocked down and feel like there’s nothing left for you to give...you look down and you see it: the reason to keep fighting. The reason to get back to your feet. And the mask? Well...there’ll be kids out there, Guy...don’t scar them for life.

They share a laugh.

Guy: I don’t feel as nervous anymore--I needed that. Will you be at ringside.

Soloway: You heard what he said: If I touch him I’m fired. And If I’m anywhere near him, I’m going to hurt him. I’m gonna get revenge the right way, by pinning him in the middle of the ring once and for all.

A few seconds of silence passes between them.

Soloway: Good luck out there.

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by Tim on Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:56 am

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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by Miztacular on Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:00 am

This was great Krzy. I'll be sure to play it on stream for the next Sanders match!<3


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Re: "Scumbag" Teddy (Black Bear, but commonly misheard as Blackbeard) Soloway IV of the Isles of Skellige

Post by Sponsored content

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