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CAW BIO: Jay Davis

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CAW BIO: Jay Davis

Post by Jay Davis on Wed Aug 31, 2016 9:31 am

Ring name: Jay Davis
Fullname: Aedan Breandan Davis
Birthdate: May 19, 1993 (24)
Birthplace: Dublin,Ireland
Billed From: Waterford, Ireland

Jay Davis is an Irish professional wrestler currently signed to CMV.  

Early Life: Jay Davis was born into a wealthy Irish family. He had the money to do everything he wanted to do. But when he was 10, he started watching wrestling. He got into it by the age of 19, being the only family member to wrestle.

Wrestling Career

Jay Davis Debuted around the time of Purgatory. He had a short time off until  he came back around Ascendance.

The Rebels

The Alliance of Jay Davis and Troy Meyers started the team of "The Rebels". They tore down team after team, on live shows, and on house shows. They had that "Don't-Care" attitude and that they could do whatever they want. So they started attacking teams, even singles competitors. Until on Genesis #52 when The Rebels went up against the well known "XGEN". The Rebels came up short against XGEN and a backstage fight erupted among Jay Davis and Troy Meyers. The team broke up shortly after that.

Good friends, Bitter Enemies

Jay Davis had been talking smack about Troy Meyers, with Troy Meyers coming right back. When all was said and done, Dave Turner, GM of Genesis, decided enough talk. Jay Davis vs Troy Meyers for the spot in the qualifying match on Genesis #53. Jay Davis and Troy Meyers were going head to head against each other. Jay, as usual, kept talking smack. While Troy, as usual, kept firing back. Until Genesis, wherein the end,Jay Davis became victorious over Troy Meyers.

The End of a War

The weeks fly by and Jay and Troy are getting ready for their match at Exodus. Jay faces The Legendary Bryan Novak. He showed a fight like never seen out of Jay, but in the end, Bryan got the Upper-hand. A week later, at Exodus, it's clash of the Titans. "The Irish in Fighting Irish" Jay Davis and "Jobber-Squad" Troy Meyers. The match was a match to tell for generations(IN MY OPINION). Back and fourth, Jay and Troy hit each other with hard blows and destructive moves. Then Jay hits Troy with a Catch Suplex and Runs to the Top Rope, hitting "Hiroshima" on Troy for the three count. It's now 1-0. Troy eventually got the pin hitting his Signature move. But Jay then catches him with "The Guillotine" and gets the 2nd pin over Troy. The fight after that was still hard hitting and destructive, but in the end, Jay stood tall amongst Troy. Jay showed appreciation for Troy by Hugging him and carrying him off to the back. And thus, a New chapter in Jay Davis' story creates as his last match, With Troy Meyers and in Genesis, closes off.

Style: Brawler/Powerhouse/Technician

Personal Life: N/A

In Wrestling

  - Finishers
The Guillotine (Truth or Consequences)

  - Signatures
Hiroshima (Bam Bam sault)
Stumbling Drunk (G.T.S)

Championship & Accomplishments: N/A
Jay Davis
Main Event Star!
Main Event Star!

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