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Wild West Wrestling

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Re: Wild West Wrestling

Post by RAGE on Wed Dec 14, 2016 7:07 pm

Fatal 4 Way Match
Bob Storm vs Matt Jefferson vs. Gavin Extreme vs. Don Bishop.
Gavin wins the hard fought match by pinning Bob Storm.


Quinn Belle def. Aura in a close contest!


Takeshi calls out Eligah Stewart and grants him a title match at the Tokyo Supershow!

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Cassie Maverick def. Jenny Wheeler


Bill Maverick def. Takeshi in a stunning upset!


Elimination Tag Team Match
The Blood Brothers def. The Circle (Stewart and Parker) in a grueling match!

Next Card
The Jezebels vs Hazard and Quinn Belle

Internet Championship Match
Jim Maurie Williams (Champion) vs. Bill Maverick

Emily vs. Pandora

Tops Newsome vs. Darrell Hudson

Texas Bunkhouse Brawl Match
Mohammad Cepida vs. Mannoroth vs. Rage

Goddamn motherfucker reset most of the card after I saved it. Most of the matches I wanted to do are on next weeks card. Thanks for the quality control and top notch testing Yukes! You're doing us proud!

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Bill Maverick
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Main Event Star!

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