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No Room for Friendships (CMV.com Exclusive!)

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No Room for Friendships (CMV.com Exclusive!)

Post by Mr. Dashing on Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:07 pm

Shocking to say the least, Kitty Quinn-Belle turned on her best friend in an effort to stake her claim for a crack at the CMV Vixens championship. This new season has brought about a whole wave of changes, different looks, fresh faces and warped attitudes. Will The Queen of Botchville explain her actions; and better yet, what will Jade Divine's response be to this betrayal?

Following his impressive feat of pinning the CMV Alpha World champion, Tim LaFave, in their triple threat encounter alongside Bob Luger on the season four premiere of Thursday night Genesis, Furious Frank, wasn't but a step into the backstage area before he was flagged down by the CMV Light Heavyweight champion, Ryan Kent. The Firestarter could be overheard marking his territory to the Man with the Mohawk, saying that if anyone was going to be facing ole Timmy boy for that belt, it'd be him and not some tatted up freak. Kent, though he has perhaps the most inflated ego in all of CMV, was man enough to look Frank in the eyes and challenge him to a match-up on the next Genesis, to which The Furious One nodded in agreement.

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