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Voice's Payne (CMV.com Exclusive-Intensity Ep. 31)

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Voice's Payne (CMV.com Exclusive-Intensity Ep. 31)

Post by Papa Gnasher on Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:54 pm

Following Kevin Paynes huge win over Eric Matthews, he made sure to bump into the current CMV Global Champion backstage, the very man who was unable to beat Eric Matthews at the top of the month and in doing so, the duo had a heated exchange of words with Kevin Payne claiming that the belt is his, with no contender confirmed, could this be the matchup for UnChained?

Rage made sure to make his prescence known after Tops picked up a win over The Green Falcon, sprinting down to the ring, to engage in a stare off with his UnChained opponent, both men stood tall in the ring staring eachother down, but at UnChained, only one man can be left standing.

Zack Starr finally got a small dose of revenge for the chair shot he took at the hands of Ricky Spanish last month when he came down to the ring following Spanish's defeat to Voice Vindy, pulling a chair out from underneath the ring and unloading on his former Tag Team Partner sending a strong message ahead of their match at UnChained.


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