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Hounds on the Prowl (CMV.com exclusive!)

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Hounds on the Prowl (CMV.com exclusive!)

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:18 am

Following another victory on Thursday night Genesis, this time against a game Dallas Chandler, Kayden Kynra, didn't have very long to celebrate as his opponent would immediately attempt to bash Double K in the back of his head. But that veteran instinct came in handy as Kynra was able to deflect the attack and send Dallas running for the hills! Or perhaps that was only a distraction as Chandler's tag team partner, Gabriel Scott, would infiltrate the ring whilst Kayden was distracted and jump him from behind. But showboating got the rookie nowhere, The BattleBeast able to regain his composure and fire back with a wicked right hand, then proceeding to Irish Whip his aggressor into the far corner. Kynra would then unleash a shotgun dropkick the likes of which Finn Bálor himself would envy, scaling to the top rope and granting Scott a quick but no merciful ending to their encounter, driving both of his boots right down into Gabriel's gut! But as he was getting back to his feet, thinking that the assault was finally over with, he forgot about one other, the head honcho himself, the president of The Hellhounds, Andersen Reks, who would go to town on Double K as if he were a cheap dollar store pinata. With his kendo stick in hand, Reks asserted dominance over the CMV veteran, making sure that he's aware of just who runs the roost on Thursday nights. . .

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Re: Hounds on the Prowl (CMV.com exclusive!)

Post by KingWolf on Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:07 pm

Damn Hellhounds with no chill to Kynra, love the feud thus far<3


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