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Payback is a Bitch (CMV.com exclusive!)

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Payback is a Bitch (CMV.com exclusive!)

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:41 pm

Following Jon Reed's staggering loss to Eric Thunder on edition number seventy of Thursday night Genesis, The Fallen Angel would be payed a visit from his opponent this Sunday at Point Break, the CMV International champion, Randy Borton. This was no friendly drop-in and how-do-you-do from The Milk Man however, paying back his challenger with a stiff shot straight to the face via the title itself, vengeance for Reed's post-match jumping of the champ some weeks back. With Borton standing tall over his foe, one has to wonder if that's the closest Jon Reed will ever come to the International title . . . In other news, after a near half-hour match on a recent Live Event, Kayden Kynra, stood victorious over yet another Hellhounds' member, this time in the form of Gabriel Scott. After being busted wide-open and taking more shots to the head than any normal man could withstand, the referee threw up the X as things were not looking good for Scott, a pair of medics would make their way to ringside with a stretcher at hand, hastily trying to roll the newcomer onto it and get him to the back for an examination. But the BattleBeast wasn't finished, not just yet, looking to send a message to Andersen Reks and sow revenge for what the Hellhounds' leader did to him last week, Double K, would savagely toss Gabriel off of the stretcher, throwing hands and stomps, showing no mercy as he rained down HELL on his rival. Finally having enough, Kynra, would take his leave up the ramp, a wicked smirk upon his face as Scott laid in a pool of his own blood . . .

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