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Post by El Guerrero Furioso on Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:37 pm

*Ushio Takato is seen in the Locker Room, with a towel on his head. He soaks his injuries as he contemplates on the events that happened. He then begins speaking*

“Shoot-Style...a style used by the best of the best. Kazuo Yamazaki. Naoki Sano. Yoshiaki Fujiwara. These men have paved their way to stardom by breaking bones. Kicks, Forearms, Throws, Submissions. All of these are the main divergence of wrestling. Many people haven’t seen nor heard of this style. Well,CMV….Shoot Style is making a grand return. Next week, I’ll call out anyone wanting a “true” challenge.”

*As he says that, he get’s up, throwing the towel and ice on the floor, and walks out of the locker room, ending the segment*


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