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Emergency meeting called at Buckingham Palace

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Emergency meeting called at Buckingham Palace

Post by |¦| KinZil |¦| on Thu May 04, 2017 2:12 am


Wonder if the Queen's dead yet.

Kendall Wolfe - 1x CMV Undisputed Champion, 2x United States Champion
Levi Marta - 1x United States Champion, 1x CMV Tag Team Champion w/ Troy Voodoo, 1x CMV Light Heavyweight Champion, 1x CMV Hardcore Champion

Other CAWS: Bill Cipher, Luke Brinton, Kryminal, TJ Kendra
|¦| KinZil |¦|
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Midcard Playboy

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Re: Emergency meeting called at Buckingham Palace

Post by HellishxHades on Wed May 10, 2017 6:58 pm

So if she dies, The world is gonna change alot if King Charles ||| can't keep Australia from becoming a republic. All of Britains​ Commonwealth may follow.

Also sad that She lived at the Height of the empire to the where she has little to no power.


Crowe - Anarchy Championship 
Tyler Endicot - Rising Star Championship
Joe Dirte - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom)
Maximum Rider - NGW Tag Team Championship (The Kingdom) 
George King - NGW Championship - Final
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                         European Championship 
Tyson Cage - Fusion Tag Team Championship (The Bickering Duo)
Angelina Hawkins - Women's Intercontinental Championship
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Main Event Star!

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