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NXT Ep. 68 Card

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NXT Ep. 68 Card Empty NXT Ep. 68 Card

Post by Miztacular on Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:03 pm

Match Card

Opening Match
Dallas Space Vs Andrew Paxton
After iMPLOSION, Dallas Space has the chance to become the number one contender for Chris Adams' NXT Championship, but tonight he faces a man who also has the chance to become a number one contender, but for the TV Championship, Dallas Space, will take on Andrew Paxton to open up tonights show in what will be an important match for both men, as they have the opportunity to end this season of NXT on a high.

Tag Team Action
The Bringers of Despair Vs Kevin & Colin Styles
The makeshift team of Kevin and Colin Styles will be in tag action again tonight as they take on the Bringers of Despair, the current NXT Tag Team Champions. A win here could be key for the Stylists, as it could earn them a title shot sometime in the future. Of Course the BoD would love to pick up some momentum as they attempt to deal with Lorin Seoul.

Singles Action
Eric Matthews Vs Chimera
After losing out on the opportunity to become number one contender for the NXT Championship, Eric Matthews needs to bounce back with a win tonight against the out of favour Chimera, who'll also want to get some sort of a run going before the end of season one of NXT, with two PPV's left, there's still a chance for people to go into season 2 a champion.

Fatal Four Way
Aaron Waite Vs Richard Thunder Vs Dave Skylark Vs Nathan Willis
Tonight on NXT, four men all with different aims clash in a Fatal Four Way match to get one step closer to achieving their goals. Aaron Waite, will be looking to pick up a win against three former Champions heading into his European Title match at NXT iMPLOSION, Richard Thunder is hoping to get out of midcard obscurity and get back into some sort of title scene, he has since fallen out of after dropping the TV Title. Dave Skylark will simply be looking to get some momentum here tonight so he can be ready to take advantage of his rematch clause when he see's fit. Lastly we have Nathan Willis, who's looking out to further hurt the go of JLV by picking off three former Champions tonight in a Fatal Four Way match and further increase his momentum.

Co-Main Event
Chris Adams (With Mama) Vs JLV (With Zack Starr)
Last week on NXT, a man by the name of Zack Starr made his appearance siding with Jaymes Landon Vain helping him and Brett Angel get the win in last weeks main event against his opponent tonight, Chris Adams. It won't be easy for JLV tonight, as in under a weeks time, Chris Adams will be defending his NXT Championship against Brett Angel, and so you will expect Adams to be at his absolute best tonight.

Main Event
Brett Angel Vs D'Angelo St.Daniels
In tonights Main Event, Kane is allowing D'Angelo St. Daniels a chance to get some retribution after he was pinned by Brett Angel in last weeks Main Event, however, to make it that much more interesting, Kane has made this match Extreme Rules, will DSD be able to halt the momentum of Brett Angel, or will Brett Angel pick up even more momentum heading into his title match.

Bryan Novak Vs Aaron Waite
Marko Punish Vs ???
Brock Lesnar Vs Titus O'Neil
Brett Angel Vs Chris Adams

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NXT Ep. 68 Card Empty Re: NXT Ep. 68 Card

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 10, 2015 7:13 pm

I'd just stream now. Dennis probably "overslept" again.


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