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PUNISHment Is Due

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PUNISHment Is Due

Post by SonOfAnarchy91 on Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:06 pm

*Rose Punish storms around backstage throwing chairs, pushing people out of her way and shouting in Italian when CMV Interviewer Lisa Evans catches up to her...*  

Lisa: Rose you're obviously upset over loosing your championship here tonight at Blood Rush would you like to share your thoughts?

Rose: *Rose laughs*... i miei pensieri? I miei pensieri, sei una cagna stupida? My thoughts are this; I didn't loose nothing tonight I wasn't even defeated so far as I am concerned I am still THEE reigning Hardcore Champion. Quel ratto magro Lexin Damjen is a thief and she has my property and when I get my hands on her I am going to snap her little ass like a twig, that goes for quella brutta fica Mariah too, bitch thinks she can loose my match for me? uh-uh, no it's not happening both those cani better keep one eye on their backs cause I am not through with them, not by a long shot. I was robbed tonight, not just by those femmine but also by Laura Sampson. She thinks she can stack the deck against me and get away with it? I have been dealt a great injustice here tonight and she best stay clear of me, or else the same thing is going to happen to her that's about to happen to you.

Lisa: Wait wha-!?

*Rose grabs Lisa by the throat and Chokeslams her through a table. Rose spits on Lisa and walks off as officials scramble to Lisa's aid and Blood Rush cuts to commercial.*

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Main Event Star!

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