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The Road...

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The Road...

Post by RiftedEnergy on Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:07 pm

The arena goes black, and the hype promo kicks off

The music hits... and Quantum emerges on the stage for what feels like the first time in a long time...

For 3... whole... minutes... he can't say a word as the crowd is absolutely ballistic. They should be booing, but most are cheering. Again, they shouldn't be, but the instant classic that was put on the night before is still fresh in their memories.

Before he speaks, another music slams the arena and the crowd can't contain themselves. Fusion's own, and newly crowned Royal Rumble winner, PAUL DIVINE makes his first appearance in an Unmatched Arena.

The two stand on the stage as the roar is deafening.

Quantum points to the iMplosion banner hanging above the ring. Divine claps and nods his head, suggesting they are talking about the same thing. He throws out some knuckles, and they fist bump.

They both look around the crowd, back at eachother, and then stare at the sign for 3 more seconds.

No words are spoken, as none are needed. The two brothers are headlining the two biggest shows the world has ever seen. Two careers filled with ups and downs, two men who have lived a lifetime a few times... Two Milestones.

They both make the "belt" pantomime and walk behind the curtain together

This road is going to get a little bumpy  

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Let the road begin

Post by RiftedEnergy on Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:45 am

Later on Unmatched, Quantums music hits again

He makes his way down to the ring, wasting no time with the pyrotechnics and special effects as usual.

The crowd isn't as loud as earlier... they know something smells fishy, and it ain't Sushi X ya feel?

He grabs a mic


Is everyone awake yet? It seems as though... you may have missed something. When I walked out on the stage earlier you all were really feelin it. I think, though, what really set this place off is when you saw... Paul Divine, Amirite?

The place erupts for seeing the Charismatic Enigma on their show for the first time.


That's right, the two brothers.... the two brothers who have been loved, and have been hated, by each of you... are headlining the two biggest shows the world has ever seen... fighting for biggest fight of our respective careers.

He points to the fans in attendance and then to the iMplosion banner


Now dare I say the word..

He crotch-chops an X


But I know there's a lot of people who have a lot to say about us. And honestly, we have heard it all. I welcome all of your feedback... and after I receive your feedback, I will just continue living my life.
Because there's a few things you know about me... I am a 5x Tag Team Champion, 4x with my brother and 1x Tornado with... you know... my old friend... Hayden

The arena showers him with boos.


So you cheer for Divine, and you boo Hayden... we three... the original... dare I say...

He chops an X again.


So where does that leave me? Right in the middle? What do y'all think?
You probably think I'm a little insensitive at times, you probably think I'm a nutcase at times... and you probably think I needed their help getting to where I am...
I'm going to be very frank when I say this- EVERYTHING I have done... EVERYTHING I have accomplished has been because of ME... NOT Paul Divine, Not Hayden... not any other member of..

X chop to the crowd as they begin to feel the resentment


I am the one who holds my destiny in tact. I am the one who secures my wins. Look back to my first tag team championship... Capital Punishment, elimination... 1v2... I took them both out and I took the belts home.
Look back at when I beat Deangelo St Daniels.. ya you could say that Origen helped by attacking him but if DSD was what DSD was suppose to be then that shouldn't have factored any one bit! I've won plenty of matches after being attacked!
It's always been that way.
Yea I hope the best for my Brother as he chases whatever gold... but I will tell you all something... I'm taking mine home.
I worked my way into the position I'm in, and I'm ready to take the belt home...
And I proved that last night against Tops Newsome, I proved I didn't need anyone's help winning

The boos are thunderous now


So James Landon Vain??! I really hope...

(Cut to Kingwolf)
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Main Event Star!

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