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CMV Record Book

Post by Miztacular on Sat Mar 28, 2015 5:59 am

Welcome to the History of Community Universe Mode, which contains all of it's records.


Undisputed World Title History

Total Undisputed World Title Wins
JustIN Sane-4
Dave Turner-3
Paul Anderson-3
Troy Voodoo-3
Kevin Owens-2
Randy Borton-2
Xander Slate-2
Bryan Novak-1
Duo Maxwell-1
Ryan Kent-1
Kendall Wolfe-1
Scott Norrie-1
Paul Divine-1

Undisputed World Title Exchanges
-Dave Turner won inaugural season two tournament
-Paul Anderson def. Xander Slate & Dave Turner at The Royal Rumble
-Dave Turner won Elimination Chamber match at Elimination Chamber
(def. Paul Anderson on Raw)
-Kevin Owens def. Paul Anderson & Dave Turner at Wrestlemania
(def. Dave Turner @ Backlash)
(def. Scott Norrie @ Payback)
-Cyborg def. Kevin Owens at Bad Blood
(def. Kevin Owens @ SummerSlam)
-Sunshine def. Cyborg at Capitol Punishment
-Kevin Owens won Elimination Chamber match at Battleground
-Xander Slate cashed in MiTB on Kevin Owens on Raw
(Retained vs. Sunshine via DQ on Raw)
-Sunshine def. Xander Slate at Survivor Series
-Xander Slate def. Sunshine at Armageddon
-Hayden def. Xander Slate at CMV Live
(def. Xander Slate & Sunshine @ Vengeance)
(def. Jeremy Blake @ The Royal Rumble)
(def. The Miz @ Over the Limit)
(def. Duo Maxwell @ Wrestlemania)
-Dave Turner cashed in MiTB on Hayden on Raw
-Duo Maxwell won fatal-4-way at Backlash
-Hayden def. Duo Maxwell at Payback
-Scott Norrie won Clean Slate match at Money in The Bank
(def. Wolf @ SummerSlam)
(def. JustIN Sane @ Night of Champions)
-JustIN Sane won Elimination Chamber match at Bad Blood
-Ryan Kent cashed in MiTB on JustIN Sane at Bad Blood
-JustIN Sane def. Scott Norrie & Ryan Kent at Survivor Series
(def. Ryan Kent @ Armageddon)
(def. Sunshine @ CMV Live)
(def. Zak Painn @ Vengeance)
(def. Troy Voodoo @ The Royal Rumble)
-Hayden def. JustIN Sane at Wrestlemania
-JustIN Sane def. Hayden on Fusion
(def. Hayden @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. King Anderson @ Point Break)
-King Anderson def. JustIN Sane at Battle Scars
-Troy Voodoo def. King Anderson at CyberSlam
-King Anderson def. Troy Voodoo at Exodus
-Title vacated on Fusion
-Troy Voodoo def. JustIN Sane at Dark Carnival
-Randy Borton cashed in MiTB on Troy Voodoo at Dark Carnival
-Troy Voodoo def. Randy Borton at Regicide
(def. Randy Borton @ Cause & Effect)
-Randy Borton def. Troy Voodoo on Fusion
(def. Tim LaFave @ Home Coming)
-Bryan Novak def. Randy Borton at Absolution
(def. JustIN Sane @ Purgatory)
-Kendall Wolfe def. Randy Borton & Bryan Novak at Ascendance
-JustIN Sane def. Kendall Wolfe on Fusion
(def. Sam Valentine @ Battle Scars)
(def. Hayden @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Nick Blake @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Chris Andrews @ CyberSlam)
(def. Xander Slate @ Point Break)
(def. Paul Divine on Fusion)
-Paul Divine def. Xander Slate, Schmidty & JustIN Sane at Regicide

Alpha World Title History

Total Alpha World Title Wins
Tim LaFave-1
Furious Frank-1
Bob Luger-1

Alpha World Title Exchanges
-Tim LaFave def. Randy Borton, Andrew Briggs, Bob Luger, Furious Frank & Ryan Kent at Exodus
-Furious Frank def. Tim LaFave at CyberSlam
-Bob Luger def. Furious Frank at Point Break
(def. Bison @ Regicide)

Light Heavyweight Title History

Total Light Heavyweight Title Wins
Cousin Billy-2
Kyle James-1
Shanaz Andoni-2
John Briarwood-1
Omega Lee-1
Levi Marta-1
Andrew Briggs-2
Ryan Kent-1
Nikola Ivanovic-2
El Jefe-2
Bryce Hurt-1

Light Heavyweight Title Exchanges
-Kyle James won 10-man Battle Royal to become inaugural champion at Anarchy Rulz
-Cousin Billy def. Kyle James on Fusion
(def. Kyle James on Fusion)
-Shanaz Andoni def. Cousin Billy on Genesis
-Corporate Billy def. Shanaz Andoni on Genesis
-John Briarwood won 10-man Battle Royal at CyberSlam
(def. Corporate Billy on Fusion)
-Omega Lee def. John Briarwood at Exodus
-Levi Marta def. Omega Lee in Tokyo, Japan
(def. Omega Lee on Fusion)
(def. Parker @ Regicide)
-Andrew Briggs def. Levi Marta on Fusion
-Shanaz Andoni def. Andrew Briggs on Fusion
-Andrew Briggs def. Kristopher Ann & Shanaz Andoni at Purgatory
-Ryan Kent def. Andrew Briggs at Ascendance
(def. Eric Thunder @ Battle Scars)
(def. Eligah Stewart on Genesis)
(def. Jay Davis on Genesis)
(def. Troy Meyers on Genesis)
(def. Meyers, Thunder, Stewart & Storm @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Masta Fujin on Genesis)
(def. Zack Cage on Genesis)
(def. Shanaz Andoni on Genesis)
(def. Jeremy Blake on Genesis)
-Nikola Ivanovic def. Ryan Kent, Killjoy, Salvi, Elijah Stewart & Kevin Lee at CyberSlam
(def. Elijah Stewart in Tokyo, Japan)
(def. King Matt @ Point Break)
-El Jefe def. King Matt, Elijah Stewart & Nikola Ivanovic at Dark Carnival
-Nikola Ivanovic def. El Jefe at Regicide
-El Jefe def. Nikola Ivanovic on Genesis
(def. Bryce Hurt @ Wild Card)
-Bryce Hurt def. El Jefe on Genesis

International Title History

Total IT Title Wins
Troy Voodoo-1
Jaxon Jordan-1
Jimmaurie Williams-2
Ryan Kent-1
Morgan Jackson-1
Chris Andrews-1
Tim LaFave-2
Randy Borton-2

IT Title Exchanges
The United States title became the International championship
-Troy Voodoo won 6-man Ladder match at Wrestlemania
(def. Bill Cipher @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Xander Slate @ Point Break)
(def. Aleksander Bannon @ Battle Scars)
(def. King Anderson @ CyberSlam)
-Jaxon Jordan won Elimination Chamber match at Exodus
(def. Ringo Maxx & Duo Maxwell @ Dark Carnival)
(def. Ringo Maxx @ Regicide)
-Jimmaurie Williams def. Jaxon Jordan on Fusion
-Ryan Kent def. Jimmaurie Williams at Home Coming
-Jimmaurie Williams def. Ryan Kent on Fusion
-Morgan Jackson def. Jimmaurie Williams at Absolution
-Chris Andrews def. Morgan Jackson at Purgatory
-Tim LaFave won the fatal-4-way match at Ascendance
-Azreal def. Tim LaFave on Fusion
-Tim LaFave def. Azreal at King of the Ring
-Azreal def. Tim LaFave at Anarchy Rulz
(def. Bryan Novak @ Exodus)
-Title vacated
-Randy Borton def. Andrew Briggs & Kenji Murakami on Genesis
(def. Kenji Murakami @ CyberSlam)
(def. Andrew Briggs in Tokyo, Japan)
(def. Azreal @ Validation)
(def. Jon Reed @ Point Break)
-Kaiva def. Jeremy Blake, Jon Reed, Jay Davis, Randy Borton & Andrew Briggs at Dark Carnival
(def. Duke Briggs @ Regicide)
-Randy Borton def. Kaiva on Genesis

Anarchy Title History

Total Anarchy Title Wins
Randy Borton-2
Jacob Ziegler-2
Tim LaFave-1
Chet Taylor-1
Chris Andrews-2
Zack Cage-1

Anarchy Title Exchanges
The Hardcore title became the Anarchy championship
-Randy Borton def. Tim LaFave at Wrestlemania
-Tim LaFave def. Randy Borton at Anarchy Rulz
-Randy Borton def. Tim LaFave at Point Break
-Chet Taylor def. Randy Borton on Fusion
-Sunshine def. Chet Taylor & Shanaz Andoni at CyberSlam
-Hayden def. Sunshine at Dark Carnival
(def. Matt Jefferson on Fusion)
-Ziegler def. Hayden on Fusion
-Marcantel def. Ziegler at Regicide
-Ziegler def. Marcantel on Genesis
(def. Marcantel & Shanaz Andoni @ Cause & Effect)
(def. Zack Cage @ Home Coming)
(def. Parker @ Absolution)
-Sushi-X def. Jacob Ziegler on Fusion
(def. Jeff Wallace @ Ascendance)
(def. WEB @ Battle Scars)
-Chris Andrews def. Sushi-X at King of the Ring
(def. Parker @ Anarchy Rulz)
(def. Nick Blake on Fusion)
(def. Billy Weaver on Fusion)
(def. Parker @ CyberSlam)
-Zack Cage def. Chris Andrews at Validation
-Chris Andrews def. Zack Cage at Milestone
(def. Zack Cage @ Point Break)
(def. Rex Carter on Fusion)
-Bannon def. Sam Valentine & Chris Andrews at Regicide
-Bludgeon def. Bannon at Wild Card
(def. Bannon on Fusion)

United States Title History

Total US Title Wins
Kendall Wolfe-2
Zakk Painn-1
Levi Marta-1
JustIN Sane-1
Dave Turner-1
Jaxon Jordan-1
Troy Voodoo-1
Samuel Boone-1
Sebastian Frost-1

United States Title Exchanges
-Zak Painn def. Paul Anderson at Over the Limit
(def. JustIN Sane @ Ascendance 2)
-Levi Marta def. Zak Painn on Raw
(def. Painn, Wolfe & Falcon @ Backlash)
-Kendall Wolfe def. Levi Marta at Payback
-JustIN Sane def. Kendall Wolfe at Money in the Bank
-Kendall Wolfe def. JusIN Sane & Bison on Raw
-Sunshine def. Kendall Wolfe & Levi Marta at SummerSlam
(def. Marcantel @ Night of Champions)
-Dave Turner def. Sunshine, Xander Slate & Paul Anderson at Bad Blood
-Title vacated
-Sunshine def. Ringo Maxx on Raw
(def. Troy Voodoo @ Survivor Series)
-Jaxon Jordan def. Sunshine on Main Event
(def. Jake Watson @ CMV Live!)
(def. Shanaz Andoni @ Vengeance)
(def. American Justice @ The Royal Rumble)
(def. Troy Voodoo @ Over the Limit)
-Troy Voodoo def. Jaxon Jordan, Xander Slate, Rex Carter, Paul Anderson & Zak Painn at Ascendance 3
-Title retired
-Schmidty steals the belt
-Samuel Boone def. Lex Night, Bannon, Sam Valentine, Adam Adams & Rex Carter at Point Break
-Schmidty def. Samuel Boone at Dark Carnival
(def. Jimmaurie Williams @ Regicide)
-Sebastian Frost def. Schmidty at Wild Card
-Schmidty def. Sebastian Frost on Fusion
(def. Samuel Boone on Fusion)

Intercontinental Title History

Total IC Title Wins
Chad Vegas-1
Mike Miles-1
"Ace" Stephens-1
Jeremy Blake-1

Hardcore Title History

Total Hardcore Championship Wins
Kayden Kynra-2
Randy Borton-2
Cole Savage-2
Jeremy Blake-1
"Ace" Stephens-1
Dave Turner-1
Zak Painn-1
Ryan Kent-1
Levi Marta-1
Tim LaFave-1

World Tag Team Title History

Total Tag Title Wins
The Industry-2
The Mexican Militia-2
T & Lee-2
The Nice Guys-1
Heaven or Hell-1
The Patriots-1
Zakk Painn & Big Show-1
Troy Voodoo & Levi Marta-1
The Family-1
Two Man Power Trip-1
Fast & Furious-1
Empire of Pain-1
Extreme Conditions-1

Tag Title Exchanges
-The Nice Guys won season two Tag Team title tournament to become inaugural champions
-Heaven or Hell def. The Nice Guys at Elimination Chamber
(def. The Nice Guys @ Wrestlemania)
-The Industry def. Heaven or Hell at Backlash
(def. Zakk Attackk @ Payback)
-The Mexican Militia def. The Industry on Raw
-The Industry def. The Mexican Militia at Bad Blood
-The Mexican Militia def. The Industry & Zakk Attackk at SummerSlam
-Titles vacated
-X-Gen def. The Industry at Capitol Punishment
(def. Zak Painn & Big Show on Raw)
-The Patriots def. Zak Painn & Big Show & X-Gen at Battleground
-X-Gen def. The Patriots on Raw
(def. Zak Painn & Big Show on Raw)
-Zak Painn & Big Show def. X-Gen on Raw
(def. The Patriots @ Armageddon)
(def. The Industry @ CMV Live!)
(def. The Hit Squad @ Vengeance)
-X-Gen def. Zak Painn & Big Show at The Royal Rumble
(def. Khaos @ Over the Limit)
(def. Six other teams @ Wrestlemania)
(def. The Naughty Guys @ Backlash)
-The Mega Stars def. X-Gen on Raw
-X-Gen def. The Mega Stars at Payback
-The Mega Stars def. X-Gen at Money in The Bank
(def. The Naughty Guys @ SummerSlam)
-Troy Voodoo & Levi Marta def. The Mega Stars at Night of Champions
-#TrendingWorldwide def. Voodoo & Marta & Wolfpac at Bad Blood
(def. Zak Painn & Big Show @ Survivor Series)
(def. Cole Savage & Levi Marta @ Armageddon)
(def. The Ascension @ CMV Live!)
(def. Hillbilly Blue Blood @ Over the Limit)
(def. X-Gen @ Wrestlemania)
-The Family def. #TrendingWorldwide at Anarchy Rulz
(def. #TWW @ Point Break)
(def. The Misfits on Fusion)
-#TrendingWorldwide def. The Misfits & The Family at Battle Scars
(def. The Bromancers @ CyberSlam)
-T & Lee def. #TrendingWorldwide at Exodus
-Two Man Power Trip def. T & Lee in Tokyo, Japan
-T & Lee def. Two Man Power Trip at Dark Carnival
(def. Zak Painn & Nelson Jr. @ Regicide)
(def. Foreign Affairs @ Cause & Effect)
(def. The Family on Fusion)
(def. Fast & Furious on Fusion)
-Fast & Furious def. T & Lee at Absolution
(def. T & Lee on Fusion)
(def. Hayden & Quantum on Fusion)
-WEB def. Fast & Furious on Fusion
-EoP def. WEB @ Anarchy Rulz
-Extreme Conditions def. Duo Maxwell in Tokyo, Japan
(def. Heaven or Hell on Reality Wrasslin')
(def. The Misfits @ Point Break)
(def. The United Kingdom @ Regicide)
(def. Kaiva & Josh Wolf @ Wild Card)

CMV Fusion Tag Team Title History

Total Tag Title Wins
Briggs Family-1
Hayden & Quantum-1
The Blood Brothers-1
REAL #1 Bubbas-1
Fatal Decision-1
Divine Affairs-1

Fusion Tag Title Exchanges
-Briggs Family def. X-Gen at Purgatory
-WEB won the turmoil match at Ascendance
-Hayden & The Brothers Grim def. WEB at Battle Scars
-The Blood Brothers def. Hayden & Quantum on Fusion
(def. Atonement @ Exodus)
(def. The New Gods @ CyberSlam)
(def. REAL #1 Bubbas via countout on Fusion)
-REAL #1 Bubbas def. The Blood Brothers at Validation
(def. Party Hard @ Milestone)
(def. Hotline Miami @ Dark Carnival)
-Fatal Decision def. Hooligans, Hotline Miami, REAL #1 Bubbas, Desolation & New Gods at Regicide
(def. Crowe & Adam Adams @ Wild Card)
-Divine Affairs def. Fatal Decision on Fusion

CMV Rising Star Title History

Rising Star Title Wins

Rising Star Title Exchanges

CMV Super Mega champions!
Dave Turner
Ryan Kent

Glammy awards history!
Most improved: Jeremy Blake
Best attire: Scott Norrie
Fuck up: Cyborg
Omg: Jerome turning on The Industry
Face of the year: Scott Norrie
Heel: Xander Slate
Tag team: X-Gen
Match: Manic vs. "Ace"
Promo: Heyman hyping Bison
Champ: Kevin Owens
PPV: Survivor Series
Superstar of the year: Kevin Owens
Feud: Anderson vs. Regal

Superstar OTY: Hayden
Match: Sunshine/Taker
Attire: Sunshine
Tag Team: X-Gen
Face: Borton
Heel: Norrie
Debut: Sane
PPV: Armageddon
Rivalry: Cyborg/Authority
Promos: Krzy
Champion: Hayden
Most improved: Painn
OMG: Hayden winning KoTR & title
Fuckup: Universe

Superstar OTY: Randy Borton
Match: Quantum vs. Sane & Lee vs. Kent
Attire: Sushi-X
Vixen: Maverick
Tag Team: T & Lee
Face: LaFave
Heel: Triple H & Quantum
Newcomer: Ziegler
Rivalry: CMV Civil War
Promos: Tim
Champion: Sane
OMG: Borton cashing in MiTB
Fuckup: Kurasuke's sig
PPV OTY: Cause & Effect


Total Number of Money in the Bank Wins
Xander Slate-1
Dave Turner-1
Ryan Kent-1
Randy Borton-1
Nick Blake-1

Cash In Success Rate
Xander Slate-100%
Dave Turner-100%
Ryan Kent-100%
Randy Borton-100%
Nick Blake-0%

Royal Rumble Records

Royal Rumble Wins
Kevin Owens-1
Duo Maxwell-1
Kendall Wolfe-1

Quickest Elimination
Xander Slate-29 seconds

Most Time Spent in the ring
Marcantel-10 minutes, 11 seconds

Most Eliminations
The Miz-4
Kevin Nash-4

Total Eliminations
Kendall Wolfe-5
Kevin Nash-4
Booker Phillips-3
Duo Maxwell-3
Gary Hawke-3
Jackie Reyes-3
Paul Anderson-3
Mark Henry-3
Randy Borton-3
Razor Windu-3
Richard Franko-3
Rex Carter-3
Ryan Kent-3
Shanaz Andoni-3
Zack Cage-3
Aaron Waite-2
Big Show-2
Colin Styles-2
Griffin Drake-2
JustIN Sane-2
Kayden Kynra-2
Nelson Jr.-2
Tim LaFave-2
The Rock-2
American Justice-1
Chet Taylor-1
Chris Andrews-1
Dave Turner-1
Jack Swagger-1
Jacob Ziegler-1
Jon Reed-1
Kevin Owens-1
Marko Punish-1
Masta Fujin-1
Nick Blake-1
Scott Norrie-1
Tyson Kidd-1
Xander Slate-1
Zak Painn-1

King of the Ring Records

Total Wins
Paul Anderson-1
Randy Borton-1

Queen of the Ring Records

Total Wins
Casey Wilson

CMV Tag Team Cup Records

Total Wins
Two Man Power Trip-1
Extreme Conditions-1

The Cyborg Invitational

Final Standings
Troy Voodoo: 8-1
American Justice: 6-3
Duo Maxwell: 6-3
Xander Slate: 5-4
Blizzard:  5-4
Randy Borton: 4-5
Ringo Maxx: 3-6
Kendall Wolfe: 3-6
Kayden Kynra: 3-6
Marcantel: 2-7

Match Results
Episode 114

Kendall Wolfe: 1-0 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-1

Episode 115
Randy Borton: 1-0 def. Xander Slate: 0-1
Blizzard: 1-0 def. Ringo Maxx: 0-1
American Justice: 1-0 def. Marcantel: 0-1

Episode 116
Duo Maxwell: 1-0 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-2
Blizzard: 2-0 def. Marcantel: 0-2
Troy Voodoo:  1-0 def.  Kendall Wolfe: 1-1

Episode 117
Ringo Maxx: 1-1 def. Xander Slate: 0-2
Randy Borton: 2-0 def. American Justice: 1-1

Episode 118
American Justice: 2-1 def. Kendall Wolfe: 1-2

Episode 119
Xander Slate: 1-2 def. Kendall Wolfe: 1-3
Troy Voodoo: 2-0 def. Duo Maxwell: 1-1

Episode 120
Marcantel: 1-2 def. Randy Borton: 2-1
American Justice: 3-1 def. Ringo Maxx: 1-2
Troy Voodoo: 3-0 def. Xander Slate: 1-3

Episode 121
Duo Maxwell: 2-1 def. Blizzard:  2-1
Kendall Wolfe: 2-3 def. Marcantel: 1-3

Episode 122
Troy Voodoo: 4-0 def. Randy Borton: 2-2
Xander Slate: 2-3 def. American Justice: 3-2

Episode 123
Troy Voodoo: 5-0 def. Marcantel: 1-4

Episode 124
Xander Slate: 3-3 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-3

Episode 125
Troy Voodoo: 6-0 def. Ringo Maxx: 1-3
Kendall Wolfe: 3-3 def. Randy Borton: 2-3
American Justice: 4-2 def. Blizzard: 2-2

Episode 126
Ringo Maxx: 2-3 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-4

Episode 127
American Justice: 5-2 def. Troy Voodoo: 6-1
Xander Slate: 4-3 def. Marcantel: 1-5
Duo Maxwell: 3-1 def. Kendall Wolfe: 3-4
Blizzard: 3-2 def. Randy Borton: 2-4

Episode 128
Blizzard: 4-2 def. Kendall Wolfe: 3-5

Episode 129
Troy Voodoo: 7-1 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-5

Episode 130
Ringo Maxx: 3-3 def. Kendall Wolfe: 6-3
American Justice: 6-2 def. Duo Maxwell: 3-2
Troy Voodoo: 8-1 def. Blizzard: 4-3

Episode 131
Duo Maxwell: 4-2 def. Ringo Maxx: 3-4
Blizzard: 5-3 def. Kayden Kynra: 0-6
Xander Slate: 5-3 def. Blizzard: 5-4
Randy Borton: 3-4 def. Duo Maxwell: 4-3

Episode 132
Kayden Kynra: 1-6 def. American Justice: 6-3
Duo Maxwell: 5-3 def. Xander Slate: 5-4
Randy Borton: 4-4 def. Ringo Maxx: 3-5

Episode 133
Kayden Kynra: 2-6 def. Marcantel: 1-6
Duo Maxwell: 6-3 def. Marcantel: 1-7
Kayden Kynra: 3-6 def. Randy Borton: 4-5
Marcantel: 2-7 def. Ringo Maxx: 3-6

Second Annual Final Standings


UnMatched World Title

Total UnMatched World Title Wins
Brett Angel-4
Chris Adams-2
D'Angelo St. Daniels-2
Eric Matthews-2
JustIN Sane-2
Marko Punish-2
Son of Sheik-2
Adam Rose-1
Dallas Space-1
Nick Starr-1
Ryan Kent-1
Scott Norrie-1

Intensity Global Title

Total Intensity Global Title Wins
Aaron Waite-1
Voice Vindy-1
Zack Starr-1

UnMatched Television Title

UnMatched Television Title Wins
Lorin Seoul-3
Nick Blake-2
Eric Matthews-2
Aaron Waite-1
Brett Angel-1
Chris Adams-1
Dave Skylark-1
Leo Cruz-1
Omega Lee-1
Richard Thunder-1
Tops Newsome-1
Zack Starr-1

UnMatched Hardcore Title

UnMatched Hardcore Title Wins
James Guidry-1
Joey Drasco-1
Kevin Styles-1

UnMatched European Championship

UnMatched European Championship Wins
Bryan Novak-3
Boso the Magnificent-1
Big Bad-1
Colin Styles-1
Dave Skylark-1
Leo Cruz-1
Lorin Seoul-1
Luther Thunder-1
Jack Swagger-1
Marko Punish-1
Solomon Glock-1

UnMatched Womens Championship

UnMatched Womens Championship Wins
Dirty Diana-1
Jade Dynamite-1
Lexin Damjen-1
Kristen Page-1
Sophia Gibson-1

UnMatched Tag Team Titles

UnMatched Tag Team Championship Wins
The Bringers of Despair-4
The Saints-3
The Entourage-2
The United Kingdom-2
The Authority-1
The Ascension-1
The Corruption-1
The Faces of Fear-1
The Patriots-1
The Stylists-1
Wesson & Smith-1
The Gladiators-1
The New Orient Express-1

Vixens Title History

Total Vixens Title Wins
Cassie Maverick-2
Megan Cooper-2
Amber Briggs-1
Jade Divine-1
Morgan Black-1

UnMatched Womens Intercontinental Championship

UnMatched Womens Intercontinental Championship Wins
"1Shot" Leona-2
Cassie Maverick-2
Samantha Steel-2
Sophia Caldwell-2
Ashleigh Infinitee-1
Dawn Bryan-1
Rose Punish-1
Ashley Kelly-1

Royal Rumble Records

Royal Rumble Wins
August Happytown-1
Boso the Magnificent-1
Brett Angel-1

Quickest Elimination
Griffin Drake: 19 Seconds

Most Time Spent in the Ring
Marko Punish: 18 Minutes 46 Seconds

Most Eliminations
Marko Punish-7

Total Eliminations
Marko Punish-7
Duo Maxwell-6
American Justice-4
Eric Matthews-4
JustIN Sane-4
Brock Lesnar-3
SGT. Slaughter-3
Adrian Smith-2
Aiden Sparks-2
Brett Angel-2
Bryan Novak-2
Chet Taylor-2
Chris Jericho-2
D'Angelo St. Daniels-2
Jaymes Landon Vain-2
Leo Cruz-2
Nick Blake-2
Randy Borton-2
Richard Franko-2
Thomas Sullivan-2
Vincent Trowell-2
Zack Starr-2
August Happytown-1
Bad News Barrett-1
Booker Phillips-1
Boso the Magnificent-1
Byron Elliot-1
Chris Adams-1
Christian Shaw-1
Jack Swagger-1
Justin Gabriel-1
Kevin Styles-1
Richard Thunder-1
William Rage-1

NGW Championship History!

NGW Title Holders

NGW Title Exchanges

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