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Low Blow... I Deserve A Rematch

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Low Blow... I Deserve A Rematch

Post by HellishxHades on Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:48 am

As the pyro for Ferocity ended, the Russian Empress Theme hits the P. A. System. She marches down to the ring. She grabs a mic from a production monkey. She rolls into the ring, and stands in the center of the ring.

Ты, чертовски сука. Сначала ты ударил меня с небольшим ударом, а потом ты сказал, что это не ...

Hawkins pauses realizing she when the crowd started to chant Speak English.

Oh. I forgot that you people can't understand anything someone says. Here let me say it again dumber. You fucking bitch. First you hit me with a low blow, and then you say it wasnt. Fury, trust me it was. I felt it, you found an angle that makes it look like it was a clean shot but wasn't.

So Fury, I want a rematch, no I deserve a rematch cause if you didn't cheat, I would be the new Women's Intercontinental Champion. So get your ass down here, get us a ref. Let's have a rematch.

Several seconds past and no sign of Fury.

Fine then, I just find you then.

Hawkins jump out of the ring and marches to the back. Scene fades out, to the next match.


Crowe - Anarchy Championship (1x) 2 Weeks
Tyler Endicot - Rising Star Championship (1x) 2 week
Joe Dirte - NGW Tag Team Championship (1x) 1 Week
Maximum Rider - NGW Tag Team Championship (1x) 1 Week
George King - NGW Championship - Final
European Championship (1x)
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Main Event Star!

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