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HALO | Sore Winner II

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HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Thu Jul 20, 2017 5:50 pm

Whoever the GM of Ferocity is walks into their office to find an interesting surprise.

CJ Havret is sitting behind the big desk scribbling away, completely oblivious, or perhaps just not caring about the owner of the office entering the room.

GM: Can I help you with something?

HAVRET: Shhh….

Havret holds up a finger, without looking up, then gets back to her drawing.

HAVRET: Done! Come take a look!

She excitedly waves over the GM who hesitatingly takes a few steps toward the table. Annoyed by the amount of time wasted that could be spent admiring her work, Havret pops out of the chair, grabs the GM by the arm to make it easy to guide the GM to the chair Havret was just sitting in. Havret sits on the chair’s armrest and tucks a strand of hair behind her hair, excitedly watching the GM’s eyes wander over the work of art.

HAVRET: So??? What do you think?

The GM can’t manage to answer out loud.

GM: My god...this is so bad.

HAVRET: What….

The GM looks up and into Havret’s eyes--widened and glistening with the wave of pain that shot through her. The GM quickly realizes that the next set of words has to be chosen carefully--and not due to a fear of making the borderline unstable Havret cry.

GM: It’s...it’s unlike anything anything I’ve seen before.

HAVRET: I knew you’d like it! Look closer! See? “LS” that’s you!

GM: That’s me?


GM: On a stake?


GM: Being burned alive.

HAVRET: What?! No! Don’t be silly. See, look..those are X’s for eyes! You’re not alive!

GM: Oh…I do see that now…Can’t believe I missed it...

The GM pauses to cough then a tense few seconds pass between, well maybe not so tense for Havret, at least. Suddenly Havret lunges forward...and takes a pen off the table before hurriedly signing her name on the picture.

HAVRET: There! Now it’s finished.

GM: If you, um, don’t mind me asking...is that you?

The GM points to the figure positioned off to the right.


GM: So you set the fire?

Havret laughs and stands up.

HAVRET: We’ll see!

She walks over to the door, stops and waves goodbye to the GM.

HAVRET: Can’t wait to see where you put it!

She leaves the room and the GM stares at the picture for a few more seconds. When the coast is clear, the picture gets balled up and thrown into the trash.

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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Miztacular on Thu Jul 20, 2017 7:39 pm

I like the drawing Krzy



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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:25 pm

Here in the hours before the fallout of Implosion, some fans are filing into the arena while others lounge around outside chit-chatting and hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite wrestler.

And they...well, at least some of them--get just that, when the cameraman swivels around to catch Osiris stepping out of the building with his arms stretched out and ab big smile on his face. The people cheer loudly as all eyes turn to him, a pleasant surprise for those still waiting to get into the building.

The cameraman rushes over to Osiris who bends over to check his reflection in the mirror, taking great care to make sure is do-rag isn’t askew and his eyebrows are perfect. With a wink to the camera he straightens himself up and turns to face his adoring fans.

OSIRIS: Yo! It’s the one and only Osiris aka..well that’s still a work in progress, but I promise that once the wrestling gods come through with the nickname, it’s gonna be the hottest name in the game! Until we get there, I guess I’m gonna have to settle for being the wolf, the muscle, the brains, the brawn, the dude with the good looks that got ‘em all shook, representing the baddest faction in town and ain’t letting nobody get me down!

OSIRIS: Forgive the rambling, I don’t get to do this a lot, but when I do get to do it, best believe I’m gonna make every second count! And that’s the same thing I tell the lucky ladies in my life! Hold on…

The growing crowd laughs at the playful joke while Osiris strokes his beard.

OSIRIS: Now check this out: I was getting a little restless backstage after seeing I wasn’t blessed with a match tonight. Guess the company fulfilled the chocolate quote for the night, huh? It’s a real thing, google it! So I figured instead of sitting backstage beating DSD at 2k, I’d walk around, get some steps in on my fitbit and see what was going on out here. And I must say, this crowd might just be the best looking thing I’ve seen, well, since I last looked in the mirror! So I’m here, you’re all out here, how bout we have some fun? I think it’s time for a little impromptu talk show. So, technically I’m not Oprah, but our names start with the name O, we both got thighs to die for and hips that don’t lie, if I do say so myself, so I’m thinking that the some of her magic might rub off on me.

Osiris pulls a microphone out of his pants pocket and scans the crowd looking for his first guest.

OSIRIS: Ay, let’s start this with pretty lady over here! Unfortunately, that was just a microphone in my pocket, but I am happy to see you too! You have the honor, the privilege of being the very first guess on...damn. I ain’t got no nickname, no show name, I’m a hot mess out here. Screw it, as they say in show business: “we’ll do it live!”

OSIRIS: So, my esteemed guest, would you please do my the honor of telling me your name? Don’t be shy, I don’t bite...most of the time.

The woman blushes as Osiris holds the microphone up to his mouth.

TRISS: Hey, Osiris, I’m Triss, I definitely wasn’t expecting this tonight.

OSIRIS: Triss, huh? Beautiful name. A much, much, MUCH better name than Yennifer.

Osiris turns and gives the camera a knowing look.

OSIRIS: So, Triss, you’re here hours away from the hottest wrestling program on the planet. So tell me, who are you most excited to see tonight?

TRISS: Don’t tell my friend I’m telling you this, but I’m kind of hoping to get Chris Adams’ autograph!

OSIRIS: Wooooooooooow!

Osiris feigns walking away in disgust, but quickly pops back over to Triss’ side with a smile on his face.

OSIRIS: For real though, Chris Adams? Of all people? Look, I get it, it’s the way he wiggles his hips, ain’t it? Hell, if that’s all it takes, I can do it too! Let’s see if this does it for you.

The crowd starts clapping as Osiris gives Triss a personal dance until her face turns bright red. He laughs and gives her a half hug.

OSIRIS: All right, all right, I’ll work on my moves and get back to you. Well, would you look at that, folks! That’s all the time we got for today. Catch me next week. It probably won’t be the same time or the same place, but I’m sure you’ll find a way to see it. Now, Triss and everybody here, for the folks at home, let me get a stay toasty, everybody!

CROWD: Stay toasty, everybody!


Triss Merigold
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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:39 am

After his match earlier on in the show, Brett Angel is seen taking long strides down the hallway as Leona tries to slow him down.

LEONA: Brett, stop. I thought we put this behind us.

ANGEL: I’m the hothead now, right? Who loses his mind because someone looked at you?

Angel laughs coldly.

LEONA: Let them talk. Why do you let it get to you?

ANGEL: I’m not. I don’t.

LEONA: Then where are you going?

Angel stops and looks Leona in the eyes, his gaze lingering down and then back up.

ANGEL: I just need to settle this. Then I’ll be okay.

He starts walking again, and Leona sighs before taking off after him.

LEONA: And what are you going to say to him when you see him?

ANGEL: I don’t know.

LEONA: What are you going to do?

ANGEL: I don’t know.

LEONA: Brett..

ANGEL: It’ll be okay. I won’t do anything I regret.

Angel turns a corner and begins knocking on the first door he comes across. When he opens it, none other than the GM is on the other side.

TURNER: Brett, I wasn’t expecting you

ANGEL: No, I’m sure you weren’t.

LEONA: Brett…

Turner turns to her and she shrugs.

ANGEL: She can’t help you Dave, because only you have the answers to my questions.

TURNER: Brett, why now? Why are you so angry?

LEONA: Can we stop with this already? If Brett was angry...actually angry, you would know. He’s not angry, he’s hurt.

TURNER: What why? I thought we finally let bygones be bygones.

ANGEL: I thought so too. But then I was reminded that I seemed to play by a different set of rules. So Rubik beats me, great, he was the better man both weeks. But what threw me for a loop was that he was rewarded with a title shot.

TURNER: Well, those were impressive victories…

ANGEL: Against a nobody.

TURNER: Not this again.

ANGEL: See, I felt the same way. But it’s starting to seem that whether I am or not only depends on how convenient it is for you. Because I remember when I, the nobody, beat your Alpha Champion and the man who would go on to beat him for the title, in the same match. And what did I get for that?

TURNER: Those were different circumstances.

ANGEL: Yeah, it’s always different circumstances when it comes to Brett Angel, ain’t it?

LEONA: Brett, we talked about it. Clawing your way up from the top, remember?

ANGEL: Yeah, we talked about it. You and me. Dave, I’m wondering why you made that decision for me.

TURNER: I gave you a chance in…

ANGEL: In the chamber, where the Brett Angel leaves when he feels like it running joke began. Thanks for that. Well I lost, now what? What’s next, Dave? Where’s my match at Ascendance? Or is it better if I miss it so I can be told how the only thing I’m known for is losing to Justin Sane for another year?

Leona touches Angel on the shoulders and something changes in his eyes. He looks down at Turner’s feet and it takes several tense seconds before he looks back up at the general manager again.

ANGEL: I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re trying your best.

LEONA: Come on, the others are waiting at the bar.

They turn to leave, but Angel stops and looks over his shoulder at Turner.

ANGEL: Have you met CJ, by the way?

Turner’s eyes open wide as Angel and Leona walk off..


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:50 pm

Long after Ferocity is off the air, CJ Havret and “1 Shot” Leona are spotted walking down the hallways ready to call it a night. Havret is in good spirits chatting away though Leona is barely listening, a scowl on her face—a night and day difference in how they’re handling their respective singles losses.

Suddenly, Havret perks up even more and lets out a high-pitched scream of joy.

HAVRET: Brett! You’re here!

Camera swivels around to show that indeed Brett Angel is standing there with a smile on his face and a starbucks cup in his hand. He holds the cup carefully as Havret runs up to him and gives him a big hug. Leona is a lot more reserved, but her expression softens when Angel hands her the cup.

ANGEL: Not the best night for my ladies, I take it.

HAVRET: It was fun! We’ll get ‘em next time.

Leona clenches her jaw.

LEONA: I shouldn’t have let that happen.

ANGEL: What can I say? I guess some of my funk is rubbing off on you all.

HAVRET: I don’t like how sad Lee is...should I go talk to Sophia?

Angel and Leona exchange a look.

LEONA: You and Sophia? Nobody wants to see that, trust me, darling.

ANGEL: But, if you’re feeling up to it, there is a favor that I need from you.

LEONA: Brett..

HAVRET: Of course! What do you need?

Angel puts an arm over her shoulder and the trio head toward the parking lot.

ANGEL: Let’s just say there’s a general manager who I need some help...negotiating with.

HAVRET: Should I—

LEONA: We’ll talk about what you should…

She glares at Angel.

LEONA: And what you shouldn’t do when we get to the restaurant. Where’s Osiris.

Angel shrugs.

OSIRIS: I don’t know...something about pizza.

The screen fades after they walk through a set of double doors.


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Main Event Star!

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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:49 pm

In this online exclusive video, Dave Turner is spotted walking into the doors of a coffee shop. As he scans the small, but homely, establishment, his eyes settle on a table near the back, and he walks toward it.

Waiting for him in the booth is HALO’s own CJ Havret in an eye-catching black dress with her hair french braided. Turner clears his throat to catch her attention. When she looks up she gives him a smile that brightens up the room. She pops up to her feet and wraps her arms around his neck for a big hug. However, the outfit choice isn’t lost on him.

TURNER: Miss Havret...


TURNER: CJ, I appreciate you inviting me out here, and I have an inkling of a suspicion about what this about, but I don’t want…

His voice trails off as she cocks her head to the side and looks at him quizzically. Then she looks down at herself, then back up at him--a warm smile on her face.

HAVRET: This isn’t for you, silly. You’re much too old!

TURNER: Oh. Wait, actually...


He sits.

TURNER: I know Brett wants a match at Ascendance. I’m not sitting on my hands; I’m out there looking for a worthy opponent, but what he needs to understand is that this late in the game, I can’t start pulling names out of a hat. We’re two weeks away, for crying out loud.

That hangs in the air for a bit, but Harvet opts to not respond to it. Instead, after a few seconds of silence, she reaches into her purse and pulls out a piece of paper. She slides the folded parchment across the small table and smiles again at Turner who returns the smile as he picks up the paper.

HAVRET: I wrote you a poem. I hope it makes things better.

He opens his mouth to ask what she means by that, but the words get caught in his throat as his eyes drift to the words written on the paper.

TURNER: “Flames tickle, but laughter died a long time ago…”

Turner reads the rest of the poem in silence. Once he’s done, he folds the paper back up and places it on the table. Havret tucks renegade strands of hair behind her hair and leans forward expectantly.

HAVRET: So? What do you think?

TURNER: I think…I think I can put Brett in a position to challenge Victor Romero for the Rising Star championship. He’s technically eligible, and would allow everybody to receive some closure after that double count out two weeks ago. All he would have to do is win his match on Genesis...

HAVRET: That’s a long time from now.

TURNER: I meant Reality Wrestling.

HAVRET: What if he loses? He does that sometimes. But that’s not like the old him. He just has a lot on his mind and heart lately.

TURNER: It would be a number one contender’s match, CJ. I’m sorry, but if he were to lose then he….

Something flashes in CMV’s eyes. A cold, menacing glare that’s there and gone in an instant, but not before Turner catches it.

TURNER: ...would be added to the match making it a triple threat!

HAVRET: What a great idea! I told Brett you were a nice guy. He’s not so good with people, you know?

TURNER: Sure, sure.

HAVRET: Well, I gotta go! Thanks for all of your help!

She smiles and gives Turner another hug, before getting up and leaving the shop. Turner sighs loudly and leans back in his chair. As he rubs his temples with his index fingers, a waiter rolls up to the table with three plates packed with food.

TURNER: What’s all of this for?

WAITER: The woman who was here, she ordered all of this.

TURNER: But why are there three plates?

WAITER: She said you’d be really hungry. Something about intense negotiations.

Turner rubs his stomach, smells the food and shrugs.

TURNER: Oh, what the hell, it’s already here, right?

The footage fades as the GM digs in.


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:59 pm

Shortly before UnMatched goes on the air, the cameraman is traipsing around the food court area until he spots Osiris with a microphone working the crowd lined up to get a quick bite before the show begins.

OSIRIS: Yo yo yo, it's the one and only, the fake not phony, the man with the plan and the magic hands, your friendly neighborhood ass kicker, Osiris. And I'm chilling backstage with my peoples, the everyday Joes and Janes who don't need a five star meal to fill their bellies.

Am I right guys? All folk like us need is a burger to chow down on and a beer to wash it all down--water if you're under 18, of course. Whoops! Make that 21. And never, ever drink and drive, kids. Meanwhile, I'm gonna be driving the sales of this place through the roof. Here on the second ever installment of....damn, we still don't have a name, do we?

Osiris puts the hand not holding a microphone on his hips and shapes his head.

OSIRIS: My fault, guys. Look, I planned to brainstorm a little and all that, but the time just got away from me. Trust me, the name will be worth the wait. Names don't even matter right now, because I'm here with my main man Josepher, who brings you the best damn pizza ever served inside of a stadium. Man, I wouldn't blame y'all if you came here for the food and not the wrestling, these slices are worth the price of admission alone! I mean, just look at what we got here.  

Osiris walks around the food display salivating as he eyes all the different pizzas up for sale.

OSIRIS: Deep dish, thin crust...yo! My mans even got two pizzas stacked on top each other to make a sandwich!  

He walks over to a boy around ten or eleven.

OSIRIS: Kid, you hear that?  

The boy giggles and nods his head.

OSIRIS: Man, my stomach rumbling is bout to cause an earthquake or something. Don't worry about me, though, guys, I'll have my fill by the time the night's through. Right now I'm gonna do what no wrestler's ever done before. I'm gonna treat you guys outside of the ring just like I do when I’m in it. Free pizza on me!  

That's music to the people's ears as they cheer loudly and some even try to kick start a chant of Osiris' name.

OSIRIS: Please, please, hold the applause. You need those hands for picking up slices, no need to get 'em sore with all of that clapping. Now, give me a moment to get my very stylish hairnet and gloves on, and I'll be right behind the counter with big Joe to serve all you fine ladies and germs.  

Osiris gets all of his gear on and rubs his palms together excitedly before Josepher hands him a raw ball of dough.

OSIRIS: First, a demonstration.  

Osiris takes the dough and tries to spin it in the air like a pro would do, but he's no pro here. Instead he clumsily drops it.

OSIRIS: Five second rule!  

He fakes squatting down to retrieve the ball, but ultimately kicks it away.

OSIRIS: Some kid has a new toy. I swear to you guys that that was part of the show. We weren't gonna sit here and make you wait for a pie, we got 'em all ready to go!  

Josepher opens the metal oven door to reveal several large pizzas ready to be eaten by the masses gathered in front. Osiris takes the pizza cutter and begins dividing the pie into the standard eight slices only to see once he's done that each slice varies in size from comically large to absurdly small.

OSIRIS: Maybe I missed this class, but this can still work. Let me introduce you to the Father and Son pizza pie. Dads, you get the smaller slices, of course, gotta watch those calories! So...who wants the first slice?  

Osiris happily serves up the people their much desired pizza while Josepher rings them up and sends them on their way.

OSIRIS: And hey, if you're not feeling that hungry, I could always autograph the crust for you! That would last long enough to be sold on eBay, right?  

With the first pie gone, Osiris wipes a bead of sweat from his forehead.

OSIRIS: Man, Joe, I don't know how you do it; this heat is killing me. But I must say we make a damn fine team.  

JOSEPHER: It is hot, but it's worth it to make smiles on everyone's faces.

OSIRIS: Hey, I'm your friend, you can tell me your secrets. You've burned a pizza once or twice before, haven't you?  

Josepher laughs and puts up his hands defensively.

JOSEPHER: Maybe just once or twice.  

OSIRIS: Hell, I might pay double for that. Not that I'm trying to give you ideas or anything. Burned pizza is my jam. You know when the cheese is a little brown and the crust a little crunchy? I'm feeling that right now. Throw a pie in there for five extra minutes for me. We're bout to get a new special on the menu.  

JOSEPHER: In 14 years I've never had something like this happen to me.  

OSIRIS: You're telling me that in over a decade no other future hall of famer has decided to bless you with his presence?  

In response, Josepher merely chuckles and shakes his head.

OSIRIS: Man, 14 years is a long time. You telling me you ain't tired of pizza yet? I could go for a quesadilla or some general tso, if you feel like mixing things up.  

JOSEPHER: Making pizza has been in my family for generations. In fact, my son and daughter are working in the store back home while I'm here.  

OSIRIS: That's what I like to hear. The family that hustles together, stays together, as the old proverb goes. NEXT!  

A man walks up to the counter and gleefully fist bumps Osiris.

OSIRIS: So what can I do you for?  

SYGOLIO: Uh, yeah. Hey Osiris, big fan of you and HALO. Let me get a slice, with pineapples, please.  

OSIRIS: With what?  

SYGOLIO: Um, pineapples?

Osiris suddenly clutches his chest and staggers backward nearly falling, but Josepher is there to hold him up...barely.

OSIRIS: I don't know what kind of sick business you think we run here fall, but here at Joe & O we only serve pizzas and topped with the finest ingre--  

Osiris stops and flashes a smile.

OSIRIS: Nah, we're good. As a matter of fact, I'm gonna give you a second slice, on the house!  

SYGOLIO: Wait, wasn't the first one free already?

OSIRIS: Same difference.  

Osiris hands the man his slices then checks his watch.

OSIRIS: My oh my how time flies. I gotta jet. Stay toasty, everybody. Speaking off...JOE!  

Josepher takes Osiris' Special Slice™ out of the oven and hands it to the big man before he walks off, laughing and fist bumping with his fans on his way out of the food court.


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by topher316 on Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:30 pm

JOSEPHER Neutral Shocked scratch


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Triss Merigold on Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:01 pm

topher316 wrote:JOSEPHER Neutral Shocked scratch

as if the banner wasn't enough cause for pain


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Re: HALO | Sore Winner II

Post by Sponsored content

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