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CAW Bio: Masato Yume

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CAW Bio: Masato Yume Empty CAW Bio: Masato Yume

Post by Master Ogon on Mon Dec 04, 2017 10:04 pm

  Masato Yume            


Name: Masato Yume
Birth Date: August 7, 1992
Weight: 267
Height: 6'3"
Alignment: Chaotic Heel
Language: Japanese


Yume was having the greatest time of his life in RJPW, after going through tough times, he was finally going to be the ace. But suddenly, all of that changed when a trade deal was made after the GM of Fusion was noticing the amount of interest that Tiger Yamamoto drew to NGW, so he wanted to do the same for his own product. Yume was sent off to CMV without him agreeing and was forced into a contract that he didn't want to have, he wanted to remain loyal to his homeland. But by being forced to CMV, a new side of Yume was unleashed, a very dangerous one. He doesn't care about anything CMV has to offer, he's just here to kick ass and leave. The only language he can speak in is Japanese, and he refused to get a flashy attire for the American product, he just kept with his bland original one. He's disgusted by how much his culture was stolen and put into American culture, with seemingly everyone doing "strong style" and having wrestled with Japan but left for CMV. Yume believes that the entire American product ruined Japan's style of wrestling by stealing it, which also adds fuel to the fact that Yume clearly hates pretty much everyone in CMV.

"Gōmon No Ato" [Kneeling Yes Kicks 2, signature.]

"Rebyua Za Jiabisu" [Rainmaker Clothsline, signature.]

"Sekai No Owari"  [Shouten, finisher.]

(note, this is mostly extra info that won't really matter that much in CMV.)

Even before he started his actual wrestling training, Yume had some kickboxing experience, however, he was never able to make a living off of it, which is what got him into professional wrestling. At first, he expected himself to pick up the skillset that was required to actually find work very quickly, but that is the exact opposite of what happened. Yume was a VERY slow learner, and this required him to stay in dojos way longer than most people do, but this wasn't exactly a bad thing. This made him much more humble, it also carved the path for his very serious demeanor.

(but done really quickly because there was a lot of time spent in RJPW.)
Masato made his debut on the undercard and managed to win, but not a single person even knew his name, they just knew what he looked like and his kind of boring style, This was most of his rookie year, but every single time he went out and did a match, he learnt something new and improved his style. Eventually, he made the mid-card, and that's where he would spend almost all of his time in RJPW.

Yume did all he can do on the mid-card, so it was time for him to reach the big time. At this current time, he was a face that had a large amount of respect from all the fans and everyone in the back. The amount of hatred he still had toward Tiger for stealing a win over him was still obvious, but he didn't have to care about that cause now Tiger was sent to CMV. On the date of November 21st, Yume would grab the mic and address the fact that his entire career he was always rising, so now it was time for him to rise to the top and become the face of RJPW, but that would be impossible because of the event that would occur next week, cause he would get the news that the possibility of a trade is happening, so he wouldn't be able to show up at shows into both sides were happy. Which brings us to the current date, where Yume has now been signed to the Fusion roster.

Real Japan Intercontinental Champion (x6)
Real Japan Heavyweight Tag Team Champion (x3)
5 Star Match (2015) Vs Yoshikage Osoraku
5 Star Match (2016) Vs Yoshikage Osoraku
5 Star Match (2017) Vs El Dios Verde
5 Star Match (2019) Vs El Gran Salvador
1x Rising Star Champion
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