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The Sung-Ho Dojo Empty The Sung-Ho Dojo

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:21 am

The Sung-Ho Dojo

Park Sung-Ho
Luna Sung-Ho
Solar Sung-Ho


The Sung-Ho Dojo was founded in 1924 by Chin Sung-Ho in the center of South Korea's capital. Seoul. The Dojo was based around the art of Kung Fu, and has been passed down through the years from Chin Sung-Ho to Park Sr, and now to the current Sensei, Park Sung-Ho. The once legendary Dojo has over time become less and less of a place of learning but a relic. A shadow of its former self. With its main source of income these days coming through tourism as opposed to tutelage. While still staying afloat, the Sensei, Park Sung-Ho has decided to take his practice into another field, professional wrestling. Which is where their story in CMV begins.

Park Sung-Ho
Birthplace-South Korea

Wrestling Info
Alignment-Honorable Face
Allies-Luna Sung-Ho/Solar Sung-Ho
Signature Moves-Karate Chop/Kick Combination
Finishing Moves-Ankle Lock/Superkick 14

General Information
Park Sung-Ho comes from a bloodline of warriors, dating back to the days of the Korean "Hwarang" he inherited the Sung-Ho Dojo from his father Park (Sr) Sung-Ho in his passing some years ago. However with the falling interest in Kung Fu, the heritage of the Sung-Ho Dojo has become that of a relic, a tourist attraction for people around the world to come and visit. Following this revelation Park decided to take his talents into another area, professional wrestling. With a heritage such as his, it didn't take long for the big leagues to take interest and an offer shortly arrived from the CMV headquarters looking to expand into the Korean Market they signed up Park Sung-Ho and his two daughters. When it comes to his daughters, Park can become very over protective, taking an insult directed their way as a major insult to his honor. It doesn't take much to set off the Kung Fu veteran when his family becomes involved.

Luna Sung-Ho
Birthplace-South Korea

Wrestling Info
Alignment-Lovable Face
Allies-Solar Sung-Ho/Park Sung-Ho
Signature Moves-450 Splash/Frontflip DDT
Finishing Moves-630 Sentong/Superkick 14

General Information
The youngest of two daughters, Luna Sung-Ho is overly charismatic and loves meeting new people. She never knew her mother and as such see's her older sister as a role model creating a strong connection between the two. When her father got the offer to work for CMV, she begged him to let her and Solar come along too, saying that it was her dream to become a professional wrestler. Luna has a huge heart but because of which she relies heavily on her sister when confrontation comes calling because with her big heart, comes a sensitive emotional state.

Solar Sung-Ho
Birthplace-South Korea

Wrestling Info
Alignment-Determined Face
Allies-Luna Sung-Ho/Park Sung-Ho
Signature Moves BFT/Diving Famouser
Finisher Moves Cross Armbar/Superkick 14

General Information
Arguably the deepest character of them all, growing up, Solar didn't exactly have the best childhood, losing her mother at the age of 6 upon the birth of her younger sister set her on a downward spiral of depression. As her sister grew older, Solar realized she had to step up, taking a place as a Junior teacher at the Sung-Ho Dojo and even going out of her way to learn the age old art of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu in order to ensure her sisters safety. Solar doesn't share the same charisma as her younger sister however when around her she does begin to open up to other people. While inside she might not be the happiest person in the world, she  understands she has to stay determined and driven to lead a safe path forward for her younger sister and that includes following her down the path of becoming a professional wrestler.


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The Sung-Ho Dojo Empty Re: The Sung-Ho Dojo

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:23 am

Hope this was alright i can't wait to see them in action


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