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CMV Hall of Fame

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CMV Hall of Fame

Post by Mr. Dashing on Sat Jan 09, 2016 11:10 pm

Here on this page, we honor those who have made CMV what it is today, the superstars that have put their bodies and their lives on the line just to entertain us. Though they may not be with us anymore, their contributions to this company will never be forgotten, and they will be immortalized by the millions of fans that love them!


The CMV Hall of Fame!

Dave Turner, Inducted on the 9th of January, 2016!

Dave Turner burst onto the scene here in CMV by defeating Paul Anderson in the finals of the season two World Heavyweight championship tournament, to be crowned the inaugural champion. He would then go on to become one of the most beloved superstars in all of wrestling, and is still etched into the hearts of many that loved to watch him do what he did best. Dave Turner will never be forgotten for what he has contributed to CMV, from being in the main event of the first ever Wrestlemania, to winning Money in The Bank and to putting on some of the most memorable matches this show has EVER seen! The Technical Prodigy influenced many of CMV's young talents today, and his impact on this company will be hard to duplicate, for there will only ever be ONE, Dave Turner.


3x and first ever CMV World Heavyweight champion
2x Tag Team champion
1x United States champion
1x Hardcore champion
1x Mr. Money in The Bank
First ever Grand Slam champion
Was in the main event of the first ever Wrestlemania

Memorable Matches

Vs. Paul Anderson on the Raw following Elimination Chamber
Vs. Paul Anderson & Kevin Owens in the main event of the first ever Wrestlemania
Vs. Chad Vegas at Survivor Series
Vs. Cyborg at CMV Live!
W/ Paul Anderson & Scott Norrie vs. X-Gen at Money in The Bank
Vs. Wolf on episode 100 of CMV
Vs. Ringo Maxx at Battle Scars

Greatest Work

"Early on in Episode 45 of RAW, Dave Turner is backstage, in front of a camera in an empty hallway.

Dave Turner:
Talk, talk, talk....every single person here seems to have a mouthful of words, but whenever they step in that ring, those words quickly leave them....Leave them alone to defend themselves against something those very words brought towards them. I've been a man of few words since joining this Communiverse, I've been humble, I've put on five star matches, I've won titles and I've lost them...but one thing I haven't done is get in the ring and waste the people's time by giving them a big speech. Ace, the reason I gave you the choice to defend that belt against me, is that I'm above lower tier belts. How does it look when a two time World Champion decides to go after a mid level belt? It looks unfair Ace....But you're talking about coming at the train head on or hop off the tracks, well I've got news for you Ace! You're not a train, you not even on tracks! You more resemble a bicycle on a dirt path...I've never been one to back down from a challenge, so at Capitol Punishment, I'm going to push that bike over, Ace. I'm going to push it off the dirt path, grab that Hardcore Title, put it over my shoulder, and walk out of there as champion once again in my career....You maybe be crazier than myself, but once we're between those ropes, I am hands down the best technical wrestler in the world, and you will see just how hardcore I can be!

Turner walks away from the camera to end the segment."

----- ----- -----

Scott Norrie, inducted on the 23rd of February, 2016!

There's truly only one way to describe Scott Norrie; carefree! Throughout his illustrious CMV career, dating all the way back to season one where he was the first ever NXT champion, Norrie has always had a high opinion of himself, hence why you either love the guy, or you utterly despise his very existence. But there's no doubting that the Scottish born superstar is one of the men who has helped mold CMV into what it is today, a global phenomenon, and why he himself, is a phenom. Though it may have taken him two years to do it, Scott Norrie realized his childhood dreams when he won the CMV Undisputed championship at Money in The Bank, and would go on to have one hell of a reign before losing the title inside of the Elimination Chamber. Known for his undying heart and incredible resiliency, the Scot gifted us with some of the most breath-taking matches in this company's history, consistently putting his body on the line just to prove that he was the best of the best. It's with a heavy heart that we must see this absolute legend take his leave due to a serious neck injury, but his mark on this business has been left indefinitely, and his will be a hard act to follow.


1x and first ever CMV NXT champion
1x CMV Undisputed champion
1x Glammy Award for Heel of the Year
1x Glammy Award for Face of the Year
1x Glammy Award for Attire of the Year

Memorable Matches

Vs. Wolf in the first ever main event on the first ever episode of CMV
Vs. Hayden at Backlash
Vs. Xander Slate at Bad Blood
Vs. Xander Slate at SummerSlam
Vs. Marko Punish at Armageddon
Vs. Hayden in the finals of the second annual King of The Ring tournament (Payback)
W/Paul Anderson & Dave Turner vs. X-Gen at Money in the Bank
Vs. JustIN Sane at Night of Champions
Vs. Paul Anderson in the finals of the third annual King of the Ring tournament (Fusion #5)
Vs. Connor Macculloach at Point Break

Greatest Work

"Steve Austin: Welcome to the Steve Austin podcast broadcasting from the Broken Skull Ranch. A lot of things going on in the wrestling business recently but right now I am sitting here with a guy who has so much potential but in my opinion is just not being booked right at all so I'm here today to give him a platform to give us his thoughts on whats going on is, 100% non-kayfabe. We'll talk a little bit about his career pre-WWE and what is going on in his current path in WWE and that man is Scott Norrie and he's here right now. Scott how are ya?

Scott Norrie: I'm great Steve, so excited to be here on the Steve Austin podcast.

Steve: Well I'm excited to have ya here. We'll get to WWE in a little bit but let's give people a little background to you. You mentioned in a promo about your time in previous promotions all around the world, first off what got you into the wrestling business?

Scott: Well I grew up watching it, despite my parents not liking it, they didn't and still don't like it at all y'know they'd always be like how can you watch that crap its fake, y'know all the things people usually say that don't like wrestling, so they weren't supportive when I wanted to become a wrestler either. It was my uncle who got me into it he used to babysit me and my brother a lot and he had all these VHS Tapes of WWE and WCW PPVS and it all started from there basically.

Steve: Right so your parents don't support what you do at all, I mean you'd think they'd at least be glad your doing something that you love that your passionate about?

Scott: You'd think so but no, they don't approve at all but what can you do?

Steve: Right, so you mentioned VHS tapes, what was the first match you watched that made you think you wanted to be a professional wrestler?

Scott: It has to be Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat at Wrestlemania 3. Such an amazing match the skill, the emotion. Everything that IS wrestling was in that match.

Steve: Good choice, great match definitely agree with you on that so moving forward you started training-

Scott: Well that's the funny thing I didn't train.

Steve: You didn't train?

Scott: Nope, I just kind of picked it up as I went along. From the moment we started watching it me, my brother and our cousins would wrestle in our backyard and when we were old enough we signed up to this local wrestling show and that was basically our training we picked things up as we went along from promotion to promotion.

Steve: So it just sort of Came naturally to you guys?  That's a big feat, I mean not a lot of guys have made it this far without any actual training, I'm actually impressed.

Scott: Haha well I can retire now I impressed Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Steve: You've mentioned your brother a few times whats he up to now that you guys aren't able to team anymore and what was his reaction to WWE signing you but not him? I mean you had your fair share of singles titles each on top of your tag team success in places like Ring Of Honor Triple A and New Japan. But officially you tag team never broke up it just sort of stopped suddenly.

Scott: Yeah its definitely not how we planned it and I don't get it either for whatever reason WWE seem to think I had more potential than he did despite him being their sort of "prototype guy" y'know he's jacked he's like 6 foot 8 or something and they choose me and not him or just both of us? Ok. But considering their treatment of me I don't see how it works out, but yeah obviously he was disappointing  I got the call and he didn't but I asked him before I said yes and he approved there's no bad feeling there at all. Right now he's in JCW and, I haven't watched in awhile but he was in this feud with the champ 2 Tuff Tony.

Steve: That's good, small company but over the year they've had some great talent coming an going. So if WWE were to eventually sign him would you guys be teaming again or, what?

Scott: Well eventually I think we would, but we spoke about it and if he were to get signed we'd want to have a feud together y'know one of those you betrayed me by leaving me behind kind of thing but uh it's hard to say it all come's down to Creative and Vince having the last say in everything, hell they'll be lucky if I'm still here if they ever sign him.

Steve: What do you mean? Are you already setting plans for beyond WWE?

Scott: Well I wouldn't say that but if this bad booking doesn't stop I've already decided I'm not going to resign my contract.

Steve: Wow some big words, so I'm guessing there's some bad blood between you and the guys in creative or whats going on there?

Scott: Honestly I have no idea what the hell's going on they don't tell me anything until I get to the show and even then they're just like your working with such and such, you've got X amount of time to do your match and you're going over have a good one and I'm just like uh OK? So I sit down with the guy I'm working with we work out what we're gonna do in the match and that's that y'know but then we get to the big matches same thing except they've got me losing. Its like hold on a minute you guys are "booking" and I use that word very lightly, me to be on a roll winning matches and despite them not asking me to do anything specific I'm always putting on 4-5 star matches and they aren't going to give me a title? I'm just starting to get really frustrated, especially after SummerSlam, for once they told me and Slate in advance that I was going over and that they were going to turn the main event into a Triple Threat but for whatever reason just as we were about to have the match they changed the plans I almost walked out I was so pissed, but what can I do I went out had the match and that's that.

Steve Austin: Wow, creative sure as hell haven't gotten any better since back in my day. I was in the same situation at one point and walked out and despite everything that happened I regretted walking out so I'm glad you're hanging in there. Right we don't have much time left as you have a flight to catch for tonight's RAW so just to close I'm gonna throw some names of guys on the roster at you and I want you to give your opinion on them: Marko Punish.

Scott: Great guy, he's a big bruiser in the ring but off-screen he's one of the nicest guys you could meet.

Steve: That seems to be a reoccurring theme in Big Guys in the wrestling business, talented guy he's sort of in a similar position as you right now, always on a roll but never seems to get anywhere and that's even including beating the World Champ 3 times and not getting a title shot, whats that all about?

Scott: No idea, the guy busts his ass but the bigwigs just don't want to give him the big W its just bad booking in general to be honest.

Steve: Right OK. Next up The Hollywood Blade Hayden Kiteley.

Scott: Despite what a douche both he and Miz are on screen he's a pretty cool guy, keeps to himself mostly but he's a nice enough guy when you talk to him off-screen.

Steve: Wow I'm surprised to hear that, y;know cause usually guys who do have the gimmick he's got they normal are self absorbed kind of guys, anyway next up, Sunshine.

Scott: haha oh man. Let's just say both he and Cyborg are as weird as their gimmicks are, uh yeah those guys are definitely out there haha.

Steve: haha damn I was hoping there was a sort Mick Foley thing going on with one of those guys, I mean Mick is out there but he is genuenly one of the nicest guys you could meet. We better call it a day here though Scott has a flight to catch. Scott thanks for coming in and hopefully creative can pull their heads out of their asses and start booking you properly man.

Scott: Thanks for having me Steve, its an honor and yeah hopefully they do haha, C'ya Steve.

Steve: So there you guys have it nice little chat with Scott Norrie, definitely some bad booking going on in WWE, maybe a should roll up and Stun Vince into his grave already so e can finally stop all this stop start bulls#!7 that's been going on with certain performers in WWE right now. But until  then I'll see you all on the next Steve Austin Podcast."

----- ----- -----

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1x Mr. Money in The Bank, 2x World Heavyweight Champion, Glammy Award for Heel of the Year
Xander Slate

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Re: CMV Hall of Fame

Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:38 pm

Updated with good ole Scotty boy <3

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Re: CMV Hall of Fame

Post by Mr. Dashing on Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:39 am


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Re: CMV Hall of Fame

Post by Papa Gnasher on Mon Dec 12, 2016 3:30 pm



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Re: CMV Hall of Fame

Post by Sponsored content Today at 4:47 am

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