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CAW BIO: Rafael Calgestra

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CAW BIO: Rafael Calgestra Empty CAW BIO: Rafael Calgestra

Post by Master Ogon on Sun Mar 25, 2018 9:19 pm

Name: Rafael Calgestra
Height: 6'0"
Age: 25
Weight: 236
Brand: UnMatched
Nicknames: "The Third Son"
                   "The Ace Of The 21st Century"                 
Fighting Style: All Arounder
Debut Date: UnMatched#77
Signatures: "Lucy’s Debt" [Snap Dragon Suplex]  “Cinder Kick" [His father's finisher, a rolling kick.]
Finisher: "End Of The Bloodline" [Gourdbuster Knee Strike]
Trainer: Gwyn Calgestra, his father.
Allies: None
Enemies: None
Faction/Tag Team: None


Alignment: Heel

Personality: Being a member of the prestigious Calgestra bloodline, Rafael was destined to join the wrestling business. His father was a wrestler, and his grandfather was a wrestler. They weren't unsuccessful wrestlers either, the Calgestra family is very respected and well known around the world. However, Rafael didn’t join CMV to follow in the footsteps of his father, he’s there to carve his own path of destiny. He doesn’t feel respected when you only appreciate him because of his last name because he believes that he’s much better than the two generations before him. Rafael believes he’s one of the best in the entire wrestling landscape, and that’s because of his skill, not because of his surname.

He is very supercilious, he truly believes that he’s one of the best wrestlers alive. Due to him always being told that he’s so amazing when he was growing up, he developed a strong feeling of self-importance. Because of this self-importance and views that he’s superior, it’s not rare to see him fooling around with his wealth. Buying fancy cars, wearing suits whenever he can, and buying art for his mansion. He’s so amazing that he believes he is entitled to the most amazing things that he can buy, even if they’re worthless items and or services.

Even though Rafael is someone that views himself as superior to everyone around him, that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. He's afraid that people won't remember him because of his amazing skill, they'll remember him because of who he's related to. He’s desperate, and if he finds anything at all that can give him another feat to boost his reputation, he’s going to pursue that thing like a feral animal. He doesn’t harm others for entertainment, but he’s not above making immoral acts to gain his own dominance.To be known as greater than his past relatives, this reinforces that hunger to prove he's the very best.

                                                                                Achievements/ Noteworthy Moments:
                                                                                                 Debut victory against Kellin Shaw.
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