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"Only one of us will start this season off right!" - Schmidty

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"Only one of us will start this season off right!" - Schmidty Empty "Only one of us will start this season off right!" - Schmidty

Post by Batman on Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:11 pm

The Season 6 Premiere of Monday Night Fusion has begun with an explosion of pyro lighting up the entire stage. Dashing does his intro dialogue, welcoming us back as afterwards, the PA System lights up with...

The sea of fans give it up for the Game Changer, and number one contender for the CMV Undisputed Championship as he steps out onto the stage with an excited smile resting upon his face. Overseeing the thousands of fans in attendance, all as stoked as he is for the new season. And what a way to start things off. He begins to make his way down the ramp whilst admiring the new arena design. Before reaching the ring, he decides to slap a few hands of some young fans in the front row.

Mr. Dashing
All season long Schmidty fought his way through a very hectic redemption road. And i'm not gonna lie, I thought it was all a ruse. But now, i'm a genuine believer in this new Schmidty. He fights for his son. He longs to build a legacy he can be proud of, and that's something I can respect.

He finally makes his way up the steps and into the ring where he is then handed a microphone from the ring announcer.

You guys excited to be here tonight?

He joyfully looks on as the crowd pops at his question.

Well you should be because this is the SEASON PREMIERE of Monday Night Fusion! We got a stacked card full of exciting match ups that'll for sure knock the socks off of each and every one of you!

He points out to the crowd around him as he continues on.

This is going to be the best season yet. Why? Because the competition in the back is hungrier than EVER! Every single guy in that locker room is thinking about how to make the biggest impact. They all want the top spot. They want to fix any mistakes they made last season. They want to redeem themselves.

He smiles.

And I for one, know that's possible. Heck, this time last year I was out here demanding to strip Paul Divine of the Undisputed Championship. Only to get hit with every move in the book by all the guys I wronged the season before. It seemed like everything was over for me. Like my rise has ended and i'd never get back up. But then the best possible motivation a guy could ask for, was born. My son. Ryan Joseph Schmidt. That's when I knew that no matter what it took, i'd come back, and i'd be the BEST possible version of myself, for him. So I went through hell aaaaalllll season long. Heck, I didn't touch one title. Nope. But I never gave up. I kept up the good fight and now I can proudly stand here as the number one contender to the Undisputed Championship baby!

He looks around at the hyped crowd.

I get a shot at the guy at the top. And that's a guy who in all of this time of me being here, I've never fought one on one. Jacob....Zeigler.

A pop for the current champion fills the arena as he holds the microphone up.

At Retaliation, Jacob and I will pour it all out into this ring. He'll fight for his dream and so will I. We will probably never be the same again considering he has an ocean of passion residing inside him, as do I. But Jacob, I gotta say, everybody you've faced, every challenge that was thrown your way, none of it, and I mean NONE of it, will ever compare to the challenge you have in me. When you step across that ring, you won't be standing across from an ordinary challenger. You'll be standing across from the man who CHANGED THE GAME since day one! You'll be standing across that ring from the HUNGRIEST guy on this show. And i'll tell you, I got a big appetite for another helping of that Undisputed Championship. I failed last time. I need to do it again, the right way. It's a shame I have to shatter your dreams to do so but that's business. It never mattered who'd be in my way, my time, is now. Nothings gonna stop that. Not...a damn....thing!

He looks into the camera with intensity in his eyes.

I won't be competing here tonight so I will be paying close attention to your match Jacob. You don't have to have eyes in the back of your head, you don't have to worry about being blindsided by me backstage. I'm not that kind of guy anymore. I built the foundation of my career off of creating shortcuts and doing whatever necessary no matter how cheap it was. But I buried that part of me. Now, standing on top is a tower of glory. The finishing touch? Well, it's around your waist for now. But come'll be around mine.

And with that, his message is said. His music begins to play as the fans cheer and clap for the family man. However, as he's climbing through the ropes to leave, the music transitions to something else.

[open to Bateman]


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2019 Heel of the Year as KLIQ (Bob Luger)
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2018 Heel of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Newcomer of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Face of the Year as Bob Luger
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2x United States Champion as Schmidty
1x Undisputed Champion as Schmidty
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"Only one of us will start this season off right!" - Schmidty Empty Re: "Only one of us will start this season off right!" - Schmidty

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Mon Oct 22, 2018 1:07 pm

* “OH SCHMITDY” “OVER HERE SCHMITDY”. Schmidty is abruptly interrupted by a Voice, the voice seemingly of Former light-heavyweight Champion, Percy Simmons, who had previously stated that he wouldn’t be in attendance tonight. Schmidty is immediately on edge, he paces back and fourth before racing to unbutton his shirt keeping a eager eye glued to every corner of the arena, knowing his bitter rival could attack from anywhere. *

*After a short delay, Schmidty’s conscience is put to rest as appearing on the Titantron is fierce foe Percy Simmons, sporting a shaved head and trimmed beard but more notably a Heavily bandaged left shoulder. He lets out an evil laugh, aware that his mind games are in full effect before removing his sunglasses and beginning to speak. *

Percy Simmons :
Woah, woah, easy tiger. Catch your breath, count to ten whatever helps you regain your composure, and for the love of god put that Dad body away. Look at you Schmidty, you’re unhinged, Even the mention of my name sends you into a frenzy. And I’m glad, I’m glad that I’m rent free inside your head because I should be, you should have a guilty conscience.

You tried to end my career, keyword tried, because whenever you’re left reliant on your own ability, without the powers of be helping you, you fail Schmidty. I Beat you. I Won at BattleScars 4 And I beat you within the laws of the game. You couldn’t get back in the ring before the count of ten, that is a rule that is existed in wrestling since the beginning of time but you’re telling me that for one night, just because the match involves CMV’s golden boy we are going to Change those rules and tailor them To suit an individuals needs.

Hell, maybe if Yuri Sukalov had made it apparent that the winner of the match would be the next number one contender, Maybe Percy Simmons would of brought his A Game, That night, maybe I would of approached that match with a different strategy, a different mindset but guess what he didn’t the only person who knew what the victor of that match would get was you Schmidty.

You two are as thick as thieves you both had it all planned out in advance to insure Percy Simmons wouldn’t walk out the victor that night. Yuri Sukalov is a biased Tyrant you hear me and Yuri Sukalov has a personal vendetta against me, When will you people learn that Iam not the villain. IM THE VICTIM DAMMIT !!!!.... I’ve been winning all year round, ALL YEAR ROUND Iam the LONGEST REIGNING LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF ALL TIME. But Schmidty, Schmidty Wins ONE MATCH. ONE MATCH, AND HES GIVEN A GOLDEN TICKET RIDE TO THE TOP.

I’m 2-0 Against you Schmidty, sure The record books say otherwise they say we are 1-1. Even Stevens. So we will roll with that for the time being alright. Even then Yuri Sukalov If me And Schmidty are equal, then how is this match not a triple threat match, you know why ITS BECAUSE YOU HAVE A VENDETTA. And you will do anything in your power to ensure that Percy Simmons cant ascend the Fusion Mountain. It is ridiculous beyond belief, IAM MISTER C.M.V, WRESTLINGS RICHEST PRIZE. Iam, The Gold-Blooded Franchise, Iam THEE. FACE. OF. CHANGE. Out with the old and tired and in with the NEW. Iam the undisputed future of this brand and this company as whole. I YURI. I Am the most marketable man on this roster, on ANY of the rosters for that matter and you better start treating me that way Yuri.

And Schmidty. Schmitdy. If you were the man, you make yourself out to be, if you were the role model to your son like you proclaim to be, you’d hold your hand up and openly admit that the way you won at BattleScars 4 was underhanded, you would admit that in Reality, YOU are the Cheater, You would dial up your best buddy and you would have me added to that Title Match. I mean Old Sukalov is practically a fairygod mother when it comes to you.

But you won’t, you wont because you’re a egotistical, self-centred, Power-driven Maniac And deep down, DEEP DOWN you know, YOU KNOW that if that were to happen, your bitter, bitter rival would be heir to the throne, and your chances of getting that gold you desperately crave would be that much slimmer. I don’t know about everyone in this arenas upbringing but I know dam well my parents never encouraged me to be selfish.

So since, you’re hardly going to win any awards for dad of the year, and since I’m not yet cleared to compete, I have a rare instance of free time. Free time I want to maximise while it lasts. So I thought why not take a visit to the Schmidt Family home. You know get my Charity case for the season out the way. I’m Sure Laura will be thrilled to Finally, FINALLY have a real man around the place. And no doubt I’m sure your beloved Son, Ryan will be thrilled to finally have someone to ADMIRE and ASPIRE... to be.

* Percy Simmons walks up the porch of the Schmidt household, the camera man following in Pursuit. The loud weeping Of Ryan can be heard as he edges closer to the Door. Simmons turns round, a twisted smug upon his face and looks dead into the camera lens oncemore *

Percy Simmons:
You hear that Schmidty? Where are you when your son needs you?
It’s okay, Ryan DADDYS home now. I’ll make sure to tuck him in tight in your absence.

*Simmons lets out a Dastardly laugh*

Percy Simmons:
I’m rent free inside of your head, and look I’m rent free inside your actual family home. Who’s the REAL Winner ?

* He turns around, and gingerly turns the the door knob to the household. The feed suddenly cuts and fades to black and we return live to the Fusion Arena, where a irate Schmidty is seen storming up the Ramp*

"Only one of us will start this season off right!" - Schmidty Dc8ce610
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