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Post by HellishxHades on Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:33 am

As unmatched returns from the commercial break, we find Linda McDonahue standing beside a new face to the CMV Television. He is a tall man, wide shoulder, and long black hair. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing next to CMV first graduate of the new CMV Home Grown, an extremely difficult training camp where this year only one rookie has passed. His name is Dominic Black. Dominic, tell us a little about yourself and your time in Home Grown.

Dominic Black:
Thank you, Linda. As you said, my name is Dominic Black, I am from Boone County, West Virginia, and what CMV Home Grown is, they take 10 guys that want to become pro wrestlers, but have never trained a day in their life, and puts them through a full year of training, non-stop. Like I said 10 of us started this journey, 2 months ago there was 3 of us left. As stated, I am the only rookie CMV veterans thought was good enough to come to the main roster, the other two are in the performance center rounding off their routines. 

Dominic, as you said, prior to Home Grown, you never trained a day in your life. This season of CMV, it truly is your Rookie Year. What all do you hope to accomplish within your Rookie Year?

My current plan at the moment is just to show the fans what all I can do, and build a fan base. But the question you asked is what do I hope to see happen with my rookie year. Well, most people will say they will be World Champion with their rookie year, some would probably say that they will be a champion within their rookie years. While yes that would be great to have those accolades so early in my career, Truthfully I just hope to see myself in a match at iMPLOSION, the titles, those would be nice, but truthfully I am not ready for that yet. One day I will be, but right now I am just happy to be apart of the CMV roster.

Lisa thanks Dominic for joining her as the screen fades out to Mr. Gnashtastic at ringside getting ready for the next match.

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