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Waffles are good.

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Waffles are good. Empty Waffles are good.

Post by Gumble on Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:35 pm

Genesis comes back from commercials and Deshawn Porter is sitting in the medical room, his stomach is bandaged and he seems to be in pain, The door opens and Deshawn looks up, the camera follows to reveal a concerned Malcolm Frye had entered the room.

Malcolm Frye

Look, I know what you’re gonna say, you’re gonna say “Mac why didn’t you come out to help!” and I’ll tell you, so you know that new waffle place that opened up downtown, I'm sitting there, eating waffles since, you know we had that agreement. And knowing how stubborn you are I didn’t want to argue, So I'm sitting there and I get a news ping on my phone, it’s the CMV app…

Deshawn and Malcolm look at the camera

That you can get on IOS or Android...

The team look back at each other

I get this news alert that says Crowe brought his brother or I don’t know, are they related, what's the deal with that? So I take my waffles to go and I book it out of there, got a cab and arrived here just now. I know you’re mad at me man, I’m sorry, I should have just stayed here in case this shit happened.

Deshawn sighs…

Deshawn Porter

I’m not mad at you, I’m not mad that you left the arena, Hell, I’m not even mad that they broke our little agreement, I’m mad that they are out there right now, pretending like they beat US, like they beat The ATL. That wasn’t The ATL out there, that was me being caught off guard, and i’ll tell you right now, it won’t happen again. But the fact those two idiots are out there claiming they have a right to a title shot? Nah, that doesn’t sit right with me, We are the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, you beating one of us in singles competition means nothing, because you know and we know that together we are like clockwork, we are the best tag team in CMV. So celebrate while you can, because Me and Mac have no problem putting you back right at the bottom of the food chain.

Deshawn hops off the medical table and heads towards the door out of shot with Malcolm at his side…

Deshawn Porter

You got any more of them waffles man, I’m starving…

Malcolm Frye

Man, what do you take me for, of course I kept you a couple!

The scene fades

Waffles are good. Tumblr_oy8pco8iG21s05wxzo1_400
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