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I'm the BoA....

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I'm the BoA....

Post by "The Mad Oyster" Hardline on Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:57 am

The BoA himself makes his way to the top floor of a movie agency in some weird place, I guess Hollywood, I'm not good with this shit. He takes the elevator because screw walking however many flights of stairs to get to the top. Azreal reaches the door to the executive office room, but pauses for a brief while, as if his mind has just changed, and doesn't feel like he belongs. Then he pushes open the double doors leading to the executive sitting at his desk.

Hey poi dexter, I need to talk to your four eyes.

Like I haven't heard that before, what the hell do you want?

Before Azreal starts, he notices that the Executive ain't even making eye contact with him, and that he's more focused on his paperwork than the BoA himself

Well, I've been thinking about my time as a movie star, and something doesn't feel right.

Yeah yeah that's good, whatever you want. The Buffett is open you know that.

Right well I don't know, I thought that being a movie star would be fun and the pay would be good, but I've been proven wrong, so I am officially quitting as an actor.

You know what time to be on set. Honestly everyone's tired of having to remind you about it. Oh and don't forget your lines again please.

Well looks like I'm coming back to Genesis boys and girls, even though I left on some bad terms but whatever the past is the past. With Pat Lafave leading Genesis, maybe I can get back at the start of the line, especially since I beat his doofus son repeatedly. I mean the light heavyweight title needs a real champion to hold it, so nothing wrong with me there. This Regime thingy is a little confusing but I'm pretty sure I can get used to it. So the Genesis boys, be prepared, for the Best One A-Round is back. See you later four eyes.

Azreal then rushes out the room in a joyous manner, while the executive continues his paperwork, still ignoring Azreal, and the camera cuts.

"The Mad Oyster" Hardline
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