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The Monday Night HIGHLIGHT

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The Monday Night HIGHLIGHT  Empty The Monday Night HIGHLIGHT

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Mon Oct 29, 2018 1:04 pm

*Fusion kicks off with the return of longest reigning Light heavyweight champion in History as the ever controversial, Percy Simmons makes his way to the ring*

(Percy Simmons)
Did you miss me ?

*Percy is greeted with deafening boos from the capacity crowd*

(Percy Simmons)
Of course you didn’t, you know why, because idiots like you don’t appreciate real talent. You people lack a business mindset, you fail to see the bigger picture. You know who did miss me. THIS COMPANY MISSED ME. FUSION MISSED ME. And more importantly much to my delight, Yuri Sukalov MISSED ME.

Last week’s Season Premiere if you can call it that, saw ratings PLUMUT from last seasons Penultimate episode. The solution is simple and the RESOLUTION is standing RIGHT HERE. That’s right. Percy Simmons equals ratings. Calling myself “Mister CMV” it ain’t a motto, it ain’t a corny punchline it ain’t a brand. It’s Reality.

The fact of the matter is I’ve been out here talking for approximately three minutes and in that time this episode of Monday night Fusion is already more memorable than the previous. If I say so myself my work here is done but since Schmidty wanted to show the world what a coward he really is and put me on the shelf, I’ve been sidelined.

And whilst I certainly enjoyed my time off, ESPECIALLY my bonding session with Schmidty’s son Ryan last week, I have a strong itch to get back in this ring, I have a burning desire to pick up where I left off last season and that’s edging ever closer to Jacob Ziegler’s championship. Except it isn’t all that simple. One man stands in my way. That egotistical, spotlight whore, you people call Schmidty . You just can’t let it lie can you Schmidty, im better than you and you know it. All you had to do was admit it Schmidty. ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS ADMIT I BEAT YOU FAIR AND SQUARE. But you’re too selfish and self-centred to do so, because of course doing just that would risk you being stripped of that precious contendership. What happened to setting an example, setting the tone for your son Ryan.

See. Look what you’ve done Schmidty. At the beginning this was just Business. YOU, YOU MADE THIS PERSONAL. Your sole focus is vengeance. Your sole focus is Percy Simmons. And I love it because that’s where it should be. It shouldn’t be on Jacob Ziegler or championship gold IT SHOULD BE ON ME. And now that it is, im back in control. Percy Simmons is back in the drivings seat. You want revenge. I want to show the world who’s really superior, I want to show your son Ryan what a REAL ROLE MODEL LOOKS LIKE.... And Yuri Sukalov Back there, he wants wants ratings.... So here’s what I propose. A simple solution to fit everybody’s needs. How about this...

Percy Simmons. Vs Schmidty. Tonight in the main event, FALLS COUNT ANYWHEREEEEE. Come On Schmidty you know, YOU KNOW Just how desperately you want to smash my teeth down my throat. So what do you say ? Do you accept, or are you going to expose yourself to the world for being the Coward you really are.

*With a smug smile across his face, Simmons turns his attention to the Ramp eagerly anticipating Schmidty to accept his challenge.*

(Open To Batman)

The Monday Night HIGHLIGHT  Dc8ce610
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