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The Facts are here

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The Facts are here Empty The Facts are here

Post by Chris Proudfoot on Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:36 pm

Chris Proudfoot is walking backstage after interfering in Jason Spades match and attacking Dameion, He walks past a camera and begins to speak into it

That's just a Start! That's just a start! For those of you that don't know me, I'm Chris Proudfoot. Big things are coming here on Fusion. Me and Spade have a long history, We've battled across the globe. But for one of my oldest rivals to be outnumbered by a bunch of freaks is the last straw. Tonight is my statement to Fusion, My statement to those weirdos, and my statement to the fans of CMV. Spade I have your back, As for Dameion, tell me how my Knee to your skull feels moron. Spade and myself have beaten guys bigger , better and crazier than you three, on our own, now working together to take you out, will be a piece of cake. But this isn't just about you're little stable, this is about redemption. Redemption for my wrong doings, A chance to do right by someone I have done wrong by in the past.Whether Spade wants my help or not, It's here, I'm here.  We're at war now, and that's a Fact

Proudfoot lights a cigarette and walks off camera
Chris Proudfoot
Chris Proudfoot

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