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Willies' future...

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Willies' future... Empty Willies' future...

Post by KrisSully on Mon Nov 05, 2018 12:58 am

A exclusive interview with William "Willie" Sullivan drops shortly before NGW this week

Willie is seated in a chair in a room where behind him the walls are covered by what appears to be a large red curtain

Interviewer: Thank you for taking the time to dit down with me for this interview.

Willie: No problem. Always happy to do this type of stuff.

Interviewer: So as we know, you are the younger brother of Fusion Superstar Kris Sullivan are you not?

Willie: I am. Yeah. Kris is my brother. 5 years older than me.

Interviewer: So I have to ask, with his recent... Um... Psychotic breakdown, now he's claiming he found a new level of aggression that he needed, what's your opinion on that?

Willie sits and moves in his chair repositioning himself, he bites his lip and thinks carefully before speaking.

Willie: My brother... He's not... Kris has never been stable. He's always been the guy on the edge he just never shows it. That's why he doesn't talk to Ma, he barely talks to me, he just isn't a "touchy-feely" guy. This is nothing new.

Interviewer: But you're still concerned no?

Willie: Yes I am. He's my brother.

Interviewer: So next we have to talk about another person you've stated is a brother to you... Kevin Silva. No where it stands curre-

Willie interjects himself before he's allowed to finish

Willie: As far as Kevin goes. He fell in with the wrong crowd. Saria? Borton? Ortiz? LaFave? They're just bad influences. He and Kris have fought before but this split is causing chaos. Silva is a good friend- a brother, to me. I can't let him go down this road. He needs to pull back the reigns.

Interviewer: So, you wish to help both of them? But how? Kris is on Fusion, and Kevin on Genesis... It's not possible to help both.

Willies' face grows more furrowed as the mindset finally sets in. If he is to save one of his brothers from the road they're on, one must continue down the path.

Interviewer: So in the interest of your future, Fusion? Or Genesis?

Willie looks up at the interviewer his eyes showing pain his face refuses to.

Willie: I-I-I...

Willie puts his palm on his faces and rubs downward his face now growing more furrowed and confused.

Willie: I don't know. Do I save my brother-in-arms? Or my brother-in-blood? I don't know.

Interviewer: Well, if I may sir. I think you would do well to decide quickly. Either one may be too over there heads right now.

Willie abruptly leaves taking off his microphone and hurriedly walking off camera

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