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Post by Decided Villain on Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:17 am

CMV UnMatched Card Ep. 101 #391

A video plays that was last seen on the previous seasons finale, teasing someone by the name of Johnny Priest The screen is black and pink smoke fills up the empty void. A figure enters the dram with their face, facing towards the right side of the camera. They're wearing a top hat, black, with a plague doctors mask infected with with a sinister yet flamboyant symbiote. Heavy breathing is heard before the figure begins to speak.

Johnny Priest : I have descended from a grand and luxurious land where I roamed the halls with no pass. Only to end up at the edge of a bottomless pit. Yet somehow reborn, I am free, and like a fetus I learn how to breathe again. But now that I am here I must find a way to quell my desire... I have passed so many faceless silhouettes during all these wasted ye-  Come closer to me.

Priest turns his head, now facing the camera. His mask is emotionless, the eyes shine as the pink smoke glistens off of them.

Johnny Priest : We're all lost darling. But soon, it'll all be worth it. I will carry your cross, but first you must look out the window... To hell. Just come closer to me.

Priest steps back and fades into the pink smoke. The show goes to commercial break

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