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Why heal when you can destroy.

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Why heal when you can destroy. Empty Why heal when you can destroy.

Post by Gumble on Mon Nov 05, 2018 5:04 pm

Monday night fusion comes back from a commercial break and the titantron lights up, capturing the attention of the audience. The titantron shows a burning car on the side of an abandoned road, the light reaches and flickers just enough to reveal Bannon, watching the car burn.


I bet you’ve been wondering where I've been… Wondering what really happened when I didn’t get up from that car wreck. You see I've been locked away, punished! I went to hell and back with Weaver but through it all I've never forgotten what I stand for, I was here to fix you all, I wanted to heal you all! But you never accepted it, you never took my hand and now, it’s too late. Weaver took a part of me with him…

Bannon steps closer to the car, the light flickers across his face and reveals half his face had been burned in the car crash.

And with this part came the side of me that thought everyone could be saved. Now I look around and see different people with the same problems. But I see through those masks that your heroes wear. I look at someone like Andrew Briggs and I see he is hollow, he fails over and over again and still you people revere him like a god. It’s funny that when I came along, and spoke my truth you all rejected me, passed me off as a crazed lunatic but when this man shows up you cheer for him, this man who promises the world but never fulfils it. That is the reason I attacked him, I should be in his position, I should have the hold he has over you. So maybe if I destroy him everything will fall into place. That’s right, I haven’t forgotten what I stand for, but the game has changed, because why heal when you can destroy.

The scene fades.

Why heal when you can destroy. Tumblr_oy8pco8iG21s05wxzo1_400
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