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Post by Chris Proudfoot on Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:49 pm

Proudfoot is seen after his loss in his tag team debut, Spade not being with him. He sees a camera and starts to cut the old promoski into it

Nice win by two freaks in masks, Two sick puppies who can't get a win without there third man standing cheering them on like some big ugly cheerleader. The fact of the matter is, me and Spades first time teaming up and we kick your ass for 20 plus minutes, we nearly beat you. I Jump from one turnbuckle to the other and boot one of you no name losers in the ribs, Jason drops your oversized ass on your Dome Piece and you win with a cheap shot while I'm coming into the ring?

Pathetic, Simply pathetic. You know when I came to Fusion I expected a little more from the competitors here, I sat back and watched the rest of the show and all I seen was a bunch of jokes in this business, Not a single significant face.

That's why I came here, not just to Save Spade, But to save this entire program from failing. Bloody Justice, Whatever you and your stable call yourselves? You're the biggest jokes of all, Dressing like it's Halloween. Well Halloweens over assholes, And Now it's Christmas time, and Boy Oh Boy does The Foot and Spade have a present for you. It's a big one so I hope you're excited. Until next time morons.

Proudfoot knocks over the camera and walks off
Chris Proudfoot
Chris Proudfoot

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First Time Empty Re: First Time

Post by Solaris Arc on Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:28 pm

Good opening promo. Can get a sense of character out of this!

Keep it up. Looking forward to what you bring to the table in the future.


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Solaris Arc
Solaris Arc
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