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Sully & Blade Empty Sully & Blade

Post by KrisSully on Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:38 am

The November 12th edition of Fusion kicks off with Sully and Blade making their way to the ring.

Sully: ladies and gentlemen.

The crowd starts booing and chanting " 'Blade Sucks' (clap-clap clap-clap-clap) "

Sully: Blade does not suck. You guys are the ones that-

Blade takes his hand and covers the mic. After a short back and forth Sully gives Blade the mic. As he does the crowd starts to boo more vigorously.

Blade: ladies and gentlemen, you know who we are. I'm Barron Blade and this is Kris Sullivan. We are here to take over Fusion, to make Kris the shining star I know he is. And because of that, we plan on winning a championship. We want the United States title. I mean, my client deserves another opportunity, Jon Reed was giving another opportunity after his count out, so why has my client not been given another opportunity?! If Yuri knew why he was doing he'd ok another match. My client has been mishandled since he arrived. He's not some Tag Team loser, or a front man for a faction, he's a Superstar. And he deserves to be treated as such.

With that, Blade drops the mic and signals to Sully to leave

Open to Dashing if Yuri wants to speak

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