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eXtreme Rage

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eXtreme Rage

Post by The Alpha Female FURY on Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:36 pm

Rage was furious after his defeat at the hands of Jamal. It wasn’t much the fact that he felt screwed over, but more so over the idea that Jamal was clearly juicing and bulked up a lot more than humanly possible in such a short span. Rage wasn’t nearly roided out enough to defeat some guy way outside of his weight class. Rage had put on forty pounds of muscle to compete with the heavyweights but Jamal was clearly a super heavyweight.  Rage muttered, “Fuck him. Motherfucker probably won’t live to see fifty and probably shrunk his dick too.”

He then came across Gavin Wheeler backstage watching the show on the monitors and eating Dominoes as he usually did. Rage was in no mood to talk to Gavin but the pizza addict wasn’t too good at reading emotions sometimes.

After stuffing an oversized slice of pizza with every possible topping on it in his mouth, the muscle of the Wanderers looked over his shoulder to see Rage walking by, big Gav wasn’t the brightest tool in the shed and didn’t get the clear message that the president of Bad Company wasn’t in a talking mood.

With surprising agility for his size Gavin got his ass off the floor he was sitting on and was quickly right behind Rage, the big friendly giant of Unmatched was a little overzealous with the friendly slap he gave to Rage’s back making the slightly smaller man stagger a little as well as leaving a handprint of pizza grease on his back. Still with a smile Gavin gave Rage another pat on the back, “Hey good match those were some nice boxing combos. You have to teach me some, my pa was a pro boxer but wouldn’t teach me said it be unfair for the other boxers, think they would break their hands on that thick skull of mine....”

Rage scowled and growled with annoyance as he spun to face Gavin. His fists were clenched and he really wanted to slug him one, but he lets the anger subside...somewhat. He elected to get nose to nose with the big man instead. “Boxing huh? You want a lesson round boy? I’ll gladly give you one! Next week! You and me buddy! In that ring! Lucky for you it won’t be for twelve rounds!” He then rudely pushed the astonished Gavin a side thinking that would be the end of their conversation. Rage was about to be proven wrong.

At first it seemed that Gavin was surprised that Rage challenged him to a match, then that surprise was replaced with a lop sided grin. “Really you show me how to box, can’t wait” Once again Gavin was gravely misunderstanding the situation, not getting that Rage had no intention of teaching him. As the pissed off Rage rudely pushed him aside that grin never left his face, “Hold on you can’t go yet...” Gavin shouted after Rage as he rushed back to grab the pizza box holding it out to the former Global Champion. “Want a slice? have one”

Rage snorts with disgust and slaps the pizza slice right out of Gavin’s hand, making the overloaded piece splatter against the wall. Gavin’s jaw dropped with shock. Rage then stormed away and shouts. “Fuck pizza!”

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Re: eXtreme Rage

Post by Rage on Sat Nov 10, 2018 4:40 pm

Rage was smarting after that match with Gavin. His right hand throbbed and Rage was beginning to wonder if he might have broken something. This wouldn’t be the first time with an injury like this since his time as a boxer in his youth. It was nothing he boasted about since this was ProWrestling and not ProBoxing after all. Had this been boxing, Rage would probably find himself as the World Heavyweight Champion again. But no, he retired early and with his heath still intact. Rage had no desire to be an over the hill boxer hanging on the past glories of his youth. He waited for Gavin backstage, furious and ready to challenge the young upstart to a rematch.

It seemed that barely a match can go by that didn’t end up with Gavin getting busted open, it was such a common occurrence that most of the medical team knew Gavin pretty well and often had a pizza on standby for him. After he celebrated in the ring Gav made his way down the ramp and walked through the gorilla position, once in the main backstage area he was joined by his older sister. Jenny had been watching the match backstage was happy that her little brother won one of the biggest matches of his career. She walked with him as they went to go and get his bleeding forehead treated, only for Gavin to spot the frustrated Rage lurking nearby. Oblivious to the danger of a furious Rage and the wise words of Jenny he eagerly approached his opponent, still bleeding and with a smile on his face. Wanting to show respect to the former global champion he offered his hand. “Great match, we have to fight again sometime. I didn’t slam you into the mat too hard did I? Sometimes I forget my own strength.”

Rage scowled and got closer, slapping the open hand away. Gavin once again had that shocked look on his face. It seemed he made every wrong move around Rage. “First wipe that grin off your face before I knock it off! I hurt my hand on that hard head of yours and first thing I see is you smiling at me like you just gotten laid or something? Fuck you and that little whore of a sister too! You want a rematch round boy? Ok, I’m game! Let’s do this at UnBreakable! It’s a fitting name don’t you think!? This time, I’ll be the one breaking your teeth in at the PPV! You’re probably gonna find it hard trying to chew your Dominos up with just your gums! See you later tits! And no that wasn’t for your sister as you got bigger breasts that she does!”

For once Gavin was actually speechless; normally he didn’t get it when someone was insulting him, at this moment he still didn’t get it. It was what Rage said about his sister that brought out something in the big friendly giant of CMV that nobody but Jenny had seen before. Jenny looked up to Gavin to see that his usual happy go lucky face was long gone, replaced by a dark look, she squeezed his hand hopping to snap her brother out of it before he do something he’ll regret. “Gavin don’t....” she squeaked out. Only for her brother to gently lift her hand from his as he looked Rage dead in the eye, “Don’t you dare talk about my sister like that, you sound just like the last person who talked to her that way. I promised Jenny what happened that time wouldn’t happen again but if you keep this up you’ll end up just like him.”

Now Rage smiled as he liked seeing this killer side of Gavin. “Tough words. I’ll enjoy making you eat them later. I guess it’s on and me in a rematch at UnBreakable. See you around round boy.” Rage then continued on his way back to the showers. Once far enough away from Gavin and Jenny to hear he chuckles and said, “Atta boy.”

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