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Elephant In The Room

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Elephant In The Room Empty Elephant In The Room

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:01 pm

*Unmatched kicks off in vibrant fashion as the theme of the ever extravagant Marty Michales hits the PA System. The self-proclaimed “Masterpiece” in little rush to make it to the ring, as he soaks in a warm reception from the capacity crowd. It’s been a rare occurrence as of late to see Marty Ride Solo, often accompanied by his Tag Team partner Anthony Harris who Tonight will go One on One, with Marty’s longstanding Rival, and the CMV Undisputed Global Champion Marko Punish*

Marty Michales:

I’m not going to let you people wait any longer, I’m going to cut straight to the chase. I’m out here to address the elephant in the room. The burning question on the tip of all your tongues. When will Marty Michales cash in his rematch clause for the CMV Undisputed Global Championship. ??

Let me start by saying If that choice was down to me and me only, I’d have cashed in on the Post-Show of Climb 2 Fame, But it isn’t. I was informed by General Manger, Johnny Sampson that with Chet Taylor was the priority, Chet Taylor was the number one contender, and that Marty Michales would have to wait.

*A chorus of Boos echo around the arena*

Marty Michales:

How ironic. I just love how everything comes full circle. Where’s Chet Taylor. Whilst we’re on the subject, where is Mr. Money In The Bank. Rafael Calgestra. They’re no where to be seen, they have taken it into their own hands and handed themselves some sort of sabbatical. Because they FEAR, Marko Punish. Because They’re Cowards. Marko Punish On two separate occasions as beaten me to a pulp, yet here I stand today. Despite doctors orders I refused to stay home sick, I didn’t bury my head in the sand, I got right back up with a smile on my face, and myself and Anthony Harris have laid waste to the Tag Team division.

But then I got a phone call this morning, from none other than Johnny Sampson, who informed me, that Chet Taylor will not be competing at the fourth coming PPV, leaving Marko Punish without a challenger. It’s quite hilarious how quickly one can retract their thoughts and feelings towards you when they want something From you. Johnny Sampson begged and pleaded that I cash in my rematch clause and step up to the plate, and you know what I wanted to say No. I wanted to stick it to Sampson for everything he has ever said to me, I wanted to see Sampson struggle for once in his self-entitled life. Because without a PPV Main Event, This company makes no money, and Johnny Sampson’s job is in major jeopardy. And don’t get me wrong I want that arrogant asshole out the door just as much as the next guy, but. I can’t let you people go without a PPV Main Event. You people spend your hard earned cash buying these PPVS, expecting to see the Champion.

And That’s why in 2 weeks time at Unbreakable, myself and Marko Punish will do battle oncemore.

*The Crowd erupts with cheers*

Marty Michales:

What’s the saying, third times a charm right ? No. I don’t need any cliches all you need to know Marko is I’m gonna kick your ass for trying to end my career. You see when your champion, you lose the hunger. It’s not till you lose the gold, reality sets back in and you truly realise how much you want it. I took you to your limits inside Hell In A Cell, I have nothing to be ashamed of. Except the fact I wasn’t able to walk out that arena on two feet. The one thing I pride myself on is Dignity and Marko you stole that from me. Iaid there helpless. Motionless. Crippled. I’m not going to insult you people’s intelligence and say I’m going to beat Marko Punish. The history Is there in black and white. But you sure as hell BET, that whether I win that match and walk out with that championship or not I’m walking out on two feet, and winning the WAR. That aint a PROPHECY its REALITY and you can stand back and look at it.

Oh and Marko, I accepted that match on One Condition. Sampson allowed me to pick the stipulation. Call me unhinged, call me crazy, but that match is NO HOLDS BARRED.

*A fired up Michales approaches the hard cam and speaks into it directly*

Marty Michales:

Like I said I Pride myself on self-respect and Dignity. It’s a shame Chet Taylor can’t grow a pair and follow suite.

*Marty Michales slams the microphone to the mat, adrenaline pumping through his veins ahead of his much anticipated rematch as the screen fades to black and Unmatched goes to commercial*

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