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Rebellion Empty Rebellion

Post by Solaris Arc on Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:15 pm

Friday Night Genesis does not begin like usual. Instead of opening with it's usual intro and opening pyro, it instead opened with scenes from the first episode. Various shots of Josh Wolf, laying defeated within the ring, and Pat LaFave holding up the title with Sutter and Ortiz by his side.

The fans clearly weren't fans of this propaganda piece and began to shower out deafening boos.

And then the music dropped.

The jeers increased in sound, trying to silence the music, as Pat LaFave, Braxton Sutter, Reece Ortiz, and Xander Slate slowly came out from the Gorilla Position. They didn't spend to much time walking to the ring. 

Pat smirked and raised up the Alpha World Championship, pointing at the side plate which now had his name inscribed. However, Xander quickly tapped his shoulder and presented a microphone. Pat took it without hesitation and began to speak.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to Gene-.

Reece Ortiz tapped Pat's chest, shaking his head and whispering to him.

Oh right! Welcome to PAT LAFAVE'S Genesis!

That's right. This isn't anyone's show but mine. Not Josh Wolf's show. Not Tim's show. Not Andrews' show. Not Divine's show. MY. SHOW. And I proved that by beating Josh Wolf and taking his title.

He laughed a bit as he raised the championship once more.

And, to start my reign as Champion and as GM of this show. I'm going to start this whole thing off short and sweet.

You see, every Champion's name is put on these side plates as a reward for accomplishing what few men can... However, Josh Wolf did not earn this title with strong will or determination. He won it through nepotism and trickery.

Hell, he didn't even WIN it... It was his alter-ego... So you know what I did?

I got our designers to remove his name. And with it gone, that also means that Wolf's entire reign is no longer valid.

That's right, Josh. You're name is being erased from CMV history. And when you return, the Regime will finish th-

The lights completely shut off. It was pitch black.

The sound of drums caught everyone off guard as the fans erupted into cheers. Josh Wolf's old theme continued to play, but the lights did not turn on.

And then a voice could be heard over the speakers.

History cannot be erased.

The lights flashed back on. The other members of the Regime were holding down a man in a Wolf mask. Kicking and punching him constantly.

LaFave was on the ground, gripping at his head. A baseball bat laid nearby, with a small red stain on it.

Xander held onto the man's mask and tore it off.

The man was....

No one important.

Just a fan. Who decided to take action into his own hands... or was given this task by someone who wanted LaFave to be knocked down a peg.

The lights turned off once more.

I will show you what it's like to feel vulnerable Patrick.

The lights turned back on and the fan was gone. He had drifted away into the crowd, never to be seen again.

The Rebellion has begun.

The rest of the Regime quickly tended to Pat. Fearful that this vulnerable state could cause a certain Fish to take advantage of what seemed to be a coordinated attack. They quickly carried him off as the camera's faded into a commercial break.


Josh Wolf:
CMV Alpha World Champion (1x)
CMV World Tag Team Champion (1x)
Inaugural Rising Star Champion (2x)

Harvey Hastings:
CMV Undisputed World Champion (1x)
US Champion (2x)

Amy Winters:
Women's IC Champion (2x)
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