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CMV Ferocity #74 (#395)

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CMV Ferocity #74 (#395) Empty CMV Ferocity #74 (#395)

Post by BatmanBatemanEC3 on Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:08 am

CMV Ferocity #74 Matchcard

CMV Ferocity #74 (#395) A5665810

Match One : (Standard Singles)
Danielle Davis Vs Riley Van Wilson

Match Two : (Standard Singles)
Brianna Mae Vs Aya Ali Vazari

Match Three : (Two On Two Tag Team)
Malevolence Vs Blazing Dragons

Match Four : (Standard Singles)
Amy Winters Vs Celina Zynda

Match Five : (Standard Singles)
Amy Vs Victoria Xtreme

Match Six : (Two On Two Tag Team Match)
Lexin Damjen & Diabla Vs Alice Blake & Riley Torres

Match Seven : (Champion Vs Champion)
Fury Vs Tiffany Razor

Main Event : (Triple Threat Match)
Kristen Page Vs Megan Cooper Vs Ashleigh Infinitee

* Cop will be live later today with a double Stream of both Unmatched and Ferocity.

CMV Ferocity #74 (#395) Dc8ce610
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