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Come One, Come All

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Come One, Come All Empty Come One, Come All

Post by Solaris Arc on Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:50 am

Friday Night Genesis returned from commercial break to its usual shot of the crowd. The fans cheering, the lights flashing, and Dashing smiling like a goober behind his announce desk.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome back to Friday Night Genesis. We've got a lot to talk about tonight, but before we can, we've got a special word from our sponsors.

Tonight, Genesis is brought to you by Bob Luger's Protein Pow-

Wow, thanks.

The music was new to most of the CMV Universe, but everyone knew who it was by the sign of the Titantron.


Josh Wolf and Reece Ortiz marched out with the World Tag Team Titles still wrapped around their waists. Both men looked towards the crowd and continued to hype them up, with the chants getting louder and louder. Both of them turned to the other, nodded their heads, and rushed down to the ring. They both grabbed microphones on the way down, not wasting their time on any more theatrics.

Josh Wolf pulled down his face scarf and looked around at the crowd.

Josh Wolf
It seems like every rough patch ends with a smooth ride, it describes our tag team perfectly. However, at the end of the day, The Rebellion is still the World. Tag. Team. Champions!

Reece Ortiz
And it feels so good!

Josh Wolf
No doubt. Every challenge that has been thrown at us has been taken down! The ATL fell. The Street Gods fell. The Kingdom fell. Bastion fell. And last-

But sure as hell not least!


Wolf raised his title with a cocky smirk.

Now, if you want to try your luck again, come on back. Because it doesn't matter how much shitty powder you drink, you won't be taking these beauties off of us any time soon.

Reece tapped Wolf's shoulder, telling him to cool off for a moment and to let him speak.

And I think that we've run out of competition on this side of CMV... Which would be a shame if not for the fact that our brands will be merging soon... Which means...

Ortiz pointed of finger gun towards the camera.

We've got quite a few heads to roll on the Green side... It's time to throw Bastion into the garbage and focus on the real talent of CMV!

The crowd rose as lights shined down onto Bastion, who were standing in the crowd. Both Harvey and his son were in their street clothes, but they still held their Fusion tag team titles on their shoulders. They descended down the steps and into the ring, staring down the Rebels.

Stefan tapped his father's shoulder, taking the chance to speak the first words.

Stefan Hastings
Well, well, well. It seems like you two have grown quite the heads recently. Beating down a Workout fanatic and a man who prides himself on drinking milk... Quite a powerful team, huh? If only their in-ring skill was as ridiculous as their personalities, then we would be talking to a different pair of champions. But no, we will settle with you once again.

Stefan blinked as Wolf and Reece took a step closer. Stefan was still rather green and almost broke into a nervous sweat. He took a step back next to his father.

That was good right?

Harvey sighed and took a step forward. He kept a glare towards Reece, smirking viciously

Harvey Hastings
How is the eye Ortiz?

Just fine... How's your skull?

Harvey smirked and shook his head. Turning to Wolf and grinning.

Listen up, Dog. Here's the deal. This time in a few weeks, we will both be on the same brand... However, a single show cannot have two Tag Champs. So I am proposing an opportunity at glory. A chance for either you to prove difinitively that you are better... Or prove that your win over us was merely a fluke...

Wolf and Ortiz turned to each other, then back to Harvey.


You better give your elders a bit more respect... Especially when they've beaten the shit out of you so many times...


Harvey was taken aback. He slowly took the title off his shoulder.

Like I said. There cannot be two tag champions on a single show. So we are giving you a choice. Title vs Title. Winner unifies the division at CyberSlam and proves they are the best of the best.

And... If you win... We will go our separate ways... We won't bother you. Instead, we will leave you to dominate the division. And... And... I will even pay for Ortiz's medical bills. After all, he won't have any eyes once we are don-

Ortiz slapped the mic out of Harvey's hand, staring at him with death gaze.

You're on, motherfucker.

Reece pulled off his championship belt and raised it high. Wolf did the same.

Stefan and Harvey had no choice but to raise their belts as well.

But then....

(Open to you, Schmidty boi)


Josh Wolf:
CMV Alpha World Champion (1x)
CMV World Tag Team Champion (1x)
Inaugural Rising Star Champion (2x)

Harvey Hastings:
CMV Undisputed World Champion (1x)
US Champion (2x)

Amy Winters:
Women's IC Champion (2x)
Solaris Arc
Solaris Arc
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Main Event Star!

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Come One, Come All Empty Re: Come One, Come All

Post by Batman on Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:04 pm

The crowd light up as both Bob Luger and Randy Borton come walking out on stage. Luger with a dumbbell in each hand, hitting his curls while Borton downing a carton of milk with two more tucked under his arm. Bob's smiling while chewing his now flavorless gum on the left side of his mouth. Taking in the reaction of the two teams in the ring. Luger finishes his set before placing the dumbbels at his feet and taking a microphone out of his jean pocket. Before he speaks, he looks over at Borton and raises an eyebrow as he finishes chugging the carton, gasping for breath. "You good?" He asked his brother. Borton nodded as Luger looked back at the champions in the ring.

Bob Luger
You didn't let Dashing finish what he was about to say.

Wolf raises a brow confused as to what Bob's getting at. His interaction with Bastion led him to forget.

Bob Luger
Dashing! Before Eric Matthews and The Governor interrupted you, what was you about to say huh? Go on, finish it.

Mr. Dashing

Bob Luger
Grab a mic, stand up and finish what you were saying bud!

Josh Wolf
This is stu-

Bob Luger
Hey man, he was doing his job and you blasted your piss pour music and interrupted him.

He looks at Dashing all the way from his position on the stage.

Bob Luger
Tonight, Genesis is brought to you by?

Dashing stands up with the mic in hand.

Mr. Dashing
Tonight, Genesis is brought to you by, Bob Luger's Luger Perfect Protein Powder....

Bob Luger

Out comes several different, very fit looking, men and women all wearing KLIQ shirts. All with crates full of samples that they hand out to a few lucky fans in the front row.

Bob Luger
Now that we got that taken care of, I just want to know one thing. ONE THING!

He holds up a finger while Borton opens up another carton of milk and begins chugging.

Bob Luger
Harvey, did Wolf really just punk you out? I mean on our way out here we heard Wolf's voice cracking, "SPEAK" and next thing we knew, you started talking. He's the dog yet you're barking at his command. So how the hell are we really supposed to respect you and your son who I swear looks older than you, as the opponents for Rebellion. Look, I get it, you guys got unfinished business but it's nothing compared to the business we got with these guys. Wolf was chasing me around the locker room with his dukes up for two years. Now, you can't expect us to just roll over and die after Wolf and One Eyed Willie got on over on us, now do you? You come onto OUR TURF and just make claims. This isn't Supremacy yet. This is the show that Borton and I have built from the ground up! Before Josh came here. Before Ortiz was signed. Before you ditched the pink panties. We've been knocking skulls and snapping arms for a long time now here on Friday Night Genesis. I-

Borton ends up losing his breath mid-chug and coughs, causing milk to spill out all over his shirt and drip from his beard as Luger holds in a laugh. The two teams shake their heads in the ring awaiting Luger to continue with his point.

Bob Luger
Look, Borton and I already had our match tonight. They stuck us on the front of the card. But hearing that Genesis will be no more, we couldn't just go home. We stuck around. We know our time here will end and things will change. Genesis wasn't just a name, it was our home. It still is. So as far as i'm concerned, all FOUR of you are in OUR HOUSE! Out here pretending the milk and cardiomaniac are just gonna back off and let you guys have your moment? Hell nah! You wanna unify those belts? Count us in!

The fans ignite as the four men in the ring individually say something off mic towards Bob's challenge. However, before anything else can happen, Triple H's theme hits the PA System.

Triple H comes out on the stage as Borton and Luger back up a bit on the ramp, to the midway point as the bossman stares at them from the stage. His gaze then rises to the ring before he finally speaks up.

Triple H
You know what. I like it. Unification Match at Cyberslam, and all of you are a part of it.

And with that, his theme hits the PA System once again as he begins to leave. However, he stops right before he walks to the back and turns around. His music stops once more.

Triple H
Oh but I just wanna

The fans all stand up out of excitement as Paul Divine AND Tim LaFave come out on stage and walk right down the ramp, face to face with KLIQ. Bastion throw a fit while Wolf and Ortiz shake their heads out of appreciation for the challenge. The scene ends with the challenging teams staring at the tag champions.


Accomplishments :
2019 Heel of the Year as KLIQ (Bob Luger)
2019 Feud of the Year with Schmidty vs Johnny Sampson
2018 Heel of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Newcomer of the Year as Schmidty
2018 Face of the Year as Bob Luger
2018 Promoer of the Year
1x European Champion as Schmidty
2x United States Champion as Schmidty
1x Undisputed Champion as Schmidty
FIRST 2x Alpha World Champion as Bob Luger
1x Tag Team Champion as Murdoc
2x Tag Team Champion as Freddy Osborne
1x Rising Star Champion as RGP
FIRST 2x Light Heavyweight Champion as Billy Weaver
1x Light Heavyweight Champion as Bryce Hurt
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