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Live to see another day Empty Live to see another day

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:47 am

*The Wrecking Crew are being interviewed after losing their match to become tag team champions*

Interviewer-Here I am joined by Michael Payne of The Wrecking Crew, where is Harry by the way?

Michael Payne-I have no idea *shrugs his shoulders and laughs*

Interviewer-You took the pin in that match, getting pinned by TJ Black, how did that feel?

Michael Payne-It was kind of hard to swallow, but with that just made me stronger, it made The Wrecking Crew stronger. We will use that loss to fuel our next win and hopefully one day, that win will be a tag championship win.

Interviewer-I’m glad you’re keeping high hopes after that loss.

Michael Payne-The refs count was broken up though, so we will get our rematch but we’ll live to see another day. I want to make another challenge to The Prestige, they defeated up already, but I want just one more shot at facing them and I promise that we can defeat them once and for all.

Interviewer-Thanks for talking to us Mich-

*You hear Harry Wallace walking towards the interviewer and Michael Payne*

Harry Wallace-MIKEY! You have to check out this app, all the kids are using it.

*Michael looks at Harry’s phone*

Michael Payne-That’s just YouTube, Harry.

Harry Wallace-I know, all the kids are using it. Look, I found this video about the best ways to prepare Grilled Chicken, get to my car, we’re celebrating that match.

Michael Payne-You know we lost right?

*Harry Wallace is confused*

Harry Wallace-We did?

Michael Payne-Remember, I got pinned.

Harry Wallace-................I’m still making Grilled Chicken, meet me after this interview.

*Harry Wallace walks away to his car*

Interviewer-I think that’s all we have time for, Thanks Michael.

Michael Payne-You’re welcome. *Michael Payne laughs and walks away*

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