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I respect you Empty I respect you

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:47 am

Riley Van Wilson-Katie Osparkle, the bane of my existence. The exact reason why I wasn’t facing Ashley Rayne. I now have a chance to not only beat up Katie Osparkle and give her an Equal Right but to win #1 contendership for that NGW Women’s Championship. I know for a fact that I can defeat katie Osparkle, so I’m not even worried about her. I haven’t faced off against Ashley Rayne, so I already know that I should expect the unexpected, The Small but Mighty One right, you’re undefeated right? I’m undefeated in singles competition so this will be Streak V. Title and Streak. The Mighty one will meet The Bringer of Equal Rights and Lefts in competition and I can promise that we’ll bring each other to our limits. Ashley, we’re going to put on a 5 star match for the NGW universe. I respect Ashley, but I have no respect for The Osparkle Twins. Watch out Katie, because an equal right can come your way anytime.

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