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Why Santos, Why?

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Why Santos, Why? Empty Why Santos, Why?

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:48 am

*An interviewer walks up to Joseph Santos with a microphone and a cameraman*

Interviewer-Joseph, can we ha-

*Joseph snatches the microphone from the interviewer and tells her to leave. Joseph tells the cameraman to stay*

Joseph Santos-All the tweets, All the hate messages, and threats. Why did Joseph Santos low blow and beat up on his “best friend”? I’ll let you all know, let’s go back to the day The Misfits were born, we lost our first match, and Tenra got pinned, then pinned again and again and again. I only took one pin during The Misfits’ run. I won #1 contendership for the tag titles and I won the tag titles.

*Joseph Santos scratches his beard then fixes his hair*

Joseph Santos-I know you guys are wondering “How did we lose the Tag Titles”? Tenra took the pin, and he left us….I decided to forgive him. I found out he’s trying to leave again, so I gave him a going away gift. I left Tenra laying down on that Stage because I was letting go of dead weight. Tenra didn’t have the passion. He would much rather leave when times get tough, he would much rather leave after a loss instead of working harder so we don’t lose. Tenra is the definition of a loser and I didn’t want my name associated with him. But apparently I’m the bad guy because I dropped dead weight? I’m the bad guy because I left that loser laying on that stage? I’m the bad guy, right? We’ll if that makes me the bad guy, then I’m the bad guy then.

*Joseph calls the interviewer back over and hands her the microphone*

Joseph Santos-Do you have your answer now? Now go away.

*Joseph Santos continues to drink his water*

Joseph Santos
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