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A straight up Loser

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A straight up Loser Empty A straight up Loser

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Thu May 16, 2019 10:33 am

*Joseph Santos is standing in front of a camera with his arm around Rami Young*

Joseph Santos-When you grow up being the smallest man in the room and being classified as a weird kid, you look at life a little bit different. Tenra is right about one thing: The Misfits were something special. The Misfits could’ve been the best, we were at the mountain top, we were loved and cheered and people loved us, for once in our life we were considered normal and we weren’t considered as Oddballs. Then what did Tenra do? He quit, He quit when times got tough, He quit because we, no he lost the tag team titles. He quit because he realized he was the worst member of The Misfits. At least Rami Young earned her #1 contendership for the NGW Women’s title.

*Joseph Santos and Rami Young walk towards a table that has a picture of Tenra and a picture of Santos and Rami Young*

Joseph Santos-Tenra was a deadbeat loser who had no right teaming with me. He had no right to drag my name, my reputation into the ground.

*Santos picks up the picture of Tenra, crumbles it up and throws it out of view*

Joseph Santos-Rami and I capitalized on our opportunities. We took every chance we had and we made our careers successful.

*Joseph Santos puts the picture of Him and Rami in a picture frame*

Joseph Santos-Rami Young made the right choice of staying with me and not going to that loser. She just needs to get better with dropkicks.

*They both laugh*

Joseph Santos-Those dropkicks that she accidentally hit me with were completely unintentional. It was an accident so people can stop making rumors about Rami and I, because I just debunked them.

*Joseph Santos and Rami Young walk out of the room and the camera fades to black*

Joseph Santos
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A straight up Loser Empty Re: A straight up Loser

Post by krzy on Wed May 22, 2019 7:48 pm

liked the edge to this one

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