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Post by Jason Spade on Sat May 18, 2019 5:02 pm

Minutes after CMV Aftermath. Vance Vintage is shown backstage, approaching the locker room, dancing happily as he walks. He is still elated by his upset victory over Jason Spade, and is not hesitating to let everyone know about it.

"Ooh yes, baby, ooh yes. Man of the hour, baby. Oh Lord in heaven, ooh!"

He continues humming to himself as he turns a corner, before being struck in the face by a kendo stick, producing a loud whack. Vintage falls to his knees, clutching his forehead, before the kendo stick strikes him across the side of the face, sending him sprawling. The camera rushes up to record the scene as Jason Spade steps out from around the corner, dropping the stick off to the side.

"The act of assassinating a king."

Spade literally steps on Vintage as he approaches the camera, speaking directly into it.

"Regicide. A fitting name. We'll see how much of a joke I am, Babos, when I do the same thing to you."

As Vintage stirs, Spade drops an American flag towel on him before walking out of frame, his message sent.
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