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The First Experiment

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The First Experiment Empty The First Experiment

Post by krzy on Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:47 pm


Val Gal Leliana has complete control of Ashley Rayne, continuing an unprovoked, unforeseen assault against the former NGW Women's Champion that's left some members of the audience unable to keep watching.

There are beatdowns, and then there's what this crowd has been forced to witness.

Still they boo.

They boo and they try to get a chant of Rayne's name going, but it peters out whenever Leliana rocks her with a stiff punch or slams her onto the canvas with every ounce of her strength. But that's all they can do to show their support as Rayne remains unable to even muster up a comeback—neither a slap nor a kick in her defense. Leliana peels Rayne's body off the mat, ready to deliver another excruciating maneuver.


The voice is firmer the second time. Tailcoat Val steps onto the stage, Val Gal Oraiya a step behind her, plague doctor mask concealing all but her eyes which are focused and intense. Leliana obeys the command, letting go of Rayne who drops immediately, in such poor shape that she cannot stand on her own.

As you lay on the ground feeling things the English language is not equipped to describe, I want to take this moment to explain why this has happened to you.

Tailcoat Val and Oraiya join Leliana in the ring. The trio stand over Rayne.

I don't hate you.

I don't like you.

I simply find you fascinating.

Val gives a nonverbal order, an almost imperceptible jerk of the head, that instructs Oraiya to flip Rayne onto her back. Val squats down and cups Rayne's cheek. Her tone takes on an almost motherly slant as she looks Rayne in the eyes–or she would be if Rayne's eyes weren't squeezed shut as pain continues to render her helpless.

In such a short time, you've captured the hearts of the masses. Spectacular matches, a never-say-die attitude, an earworm for a catchphrase.

Val chuckles, brushing stray strands of hair out of Rayne's face as she does so.

"Small but mighty." Adorable. I was and still am in awe of your meteoric rise, even if it came at my expense. My match opportunities. My spotlight. But my actions aren't fueled by jealousy.


Val gently takes Rayne by the hand, and if Rayne had even the faintest idea of what was going on, she would have no doubt pulled herself free of Val's grasp.

I always knew that my time would come. It was just a matter of patience–of observing and learning until I was ready to make my move. I watched as you amassed your fanbase. They praised you when you reached the top of the mountain, and they supported you when you stumbled and lost your championship and winning streak in one fell swoop.

No, it's not jealousy that's brought this about.

It's curiosity.

I want to know how deep their love for you runs. I want to know what motivates you, because it wasn't a fluke that you accomplished all that you have. I want to know how much you can endure before the mighty...crumbles.

Val stands up straight and matter-of-factly states:

In order to study you further, I couldn't allow another distraction of a championship reign.


It clicks for some sooner than it does for others, but once every member of the audience is on the same page, the ear-splitting boos hit like a tidal wave. Even with a microphone, Val has to raise her voice to be heard over the crowd.

It wasn't meant to be a mystery, but watching you accuse your rival immediately was an amusing side-effect. However, I hope tonight clears up any lingering confusion. To them, you may be Ashley Rayne, but to me you're subject #V-002.

The sooner we get started, the better.

Val motions toward the outside of the ring. She and Oraiya exit, while Leliana rolls Rayne onto the apron. From there, Val hoists Rayne into the air as though she were planning on hitting a crucifix powerbomb. Rayne is starting to come to her senses and desperately tries to wiggle free. It's all in vain as Oraiya grabs one leg and Leliana takes the other. Along with Val, who still has the arms, the three women carry a screaming Rayne over their heads and up the ramp.

A thick cloud of green smoke covers the stage.

They disappear into it.

The screaming stops.

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The First Experiment Empty Re: The First Experiment

Post by DullChameleon on Thu Jun 20, 2019 3:31 pm

Good stuff here

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