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I need to talk to you

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I need to talk to you Empty I need to talk to you

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:22 pm

*Joseph Santos is yelling down the hall with his jacket draped across his shoulder*

Joseph Santos-I already beat that little twerp, and I had to fight him again?! Bullshit!

*An Interviewer stops Santos*

Joseph Santos-You best be luck that you're a female, what do you want?

Interviewer-I just want your thoughts on that steel cag-

*Joseph Santos snarches the mic out of her hand*

Joseph Santos-That should've been me. The little weasel that Tenra is, couldn't beat me like a man so had to climb out of the cage. There is no possible way he could beat me one on one by pinfall or submission, and those are just facts. I might need to have a talk with Ken about this match.

*Joseph Santos starts grinning ear to ear*

Joseph Santos-I might be grinning right now, but I'm definitely pissed off right now. I'm finished with this interview.

*Joseph Santos forcefully puts the mic in the interviewer's hand and walks off*

Joseph Santos
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