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The CHN-POL Connection

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The CHN-POL Connection Empty The CHN-POL Connection

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:59 pm

Riley Van Wilson-So it looks like you stood up to The Standard, did you?

*Shu Rong nods and Riley gives her a hug*

Riley Van Wilson-I praise you for doing that, now we must team up to defeat The Standard. I refuse to let them get away with what they did to us. We are outnumbered, but our hearts are stronger, our wills are strong and we are stronger in general.

*Shu Rong gets in Riley's face and puts both of her hand on her right shoulders*

Shu Rong-Nǐ shì yīgè wēnróu de línghún. Bùyào ràng biāozhǔn huò rènhé rén gàosù nǐ qítā míngzhì de.

English-You are a gentle soul. Don't let the standard or anyone tell you otherwise.

RVW-Thanks Shu, and you're a great person to be around.

*Shu Rong shakes Riley's hand and puts her arm around her*

Shu Rong-Tāmen bù huì yíngdé zhè chǎng zhànzhēng.

English-They won't win this war.

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