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Post by Bloody_justice on Wed Jun 19, 2019 5:17 pm

It was after Check point England that we zoom in on a familiar room that hasn't been seen in awhile we see Joy Justice sitting behind a desk looking at the camera with what many people call a charming smile.
Joy Justice
Well ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first episode of the spiderweb we havent had a chance to get this up and running for a while but now for our guests tonight they are the current reigning and defending CMV NGW tag team champions. After a hard grueling match they managed to come out with the victory please welcome my guests My husband and his Partner Blak Magik
Ash she says this Jared Leon and T.J Black enter the room and takes seats across from Joy and she starts again
Joy Justice
So Jared T.J many people wan to know what drew you'll together as a team what brought Blak Magik together?
As she asked this Jared and T.J looked at each other trying to figure out who should answer until finally Jared spoke up
Jared Leon
Well before I answer that may I say your one tricky vixen with what you did but it worked out. Now to answer your question what Brought Blak Magik together I knew the Justoce family is used to teaming up except for Matthew so I thought I would try it out and at the time T.J had his eyes on the tag team gold so here we are the longest regining tag team champions.
Joy is quiet for a few moments and then she said
Joy Justice
Ok so we actually three questions from my Brothers Bloody Justice and Matthew Justice BJ asks first why is your tag finisher called the potion and two what is with the hammers? And Matthew asks why do you call yourself Blak Magik?
Upon hearing these questions T.J just started laughing and Jared has the look that says "ok seriously how did he know the"
Jared Leon
Ok seriously Bro? Now I owe T.J twenty bucks any who to answer your first question the reason our tag finisher is called the potion is because we are making the potion...the potion of victory. And to answer the second question the hammers are just for show but they as well show that we mean business.  As to Matthew's question we are called Blak Magik because I'm a magical individual and Blak is T.Js last name just without the c.
At this joy nods her head and looks to see if there is any other questions which she sees none so she looks back at the camera and says
Joy Justice
well everyone that is all the questions and that's all the time we have for tonight so everyone tune in next week because in the main event Blak Magik teams up Reeves and Tatum in and 8 man tag match in the main event so everyone good night and if ever lost just follow the spiders to the spider web
With that the camera fades out and shows the CMV logo

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