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Post by TehGamerTribe on Thu Aug 29, 2019 2:55 am

Real Name- Robert Kenneth Cross

Ring Names- Robbie Leviathan ('95 - '96), Rob Cross ('93 & 2017 - 2019)

Height- 6'3 or 1.9 Meters

Sex- Male

Medical Details- Allergies: Polen - Illness: Bipolar

Average Weight- 236-242 LBS or 107 - 109 KG

Notable Moments (2017 1st Quarter) One of two men (Xander Octane) to appear on CMV from a partnership with WGW.
(2017[ 2nd Quarter) Made the jump to CMV by attacking the Rising Star Champion at the time, Chris Diamond.
(2017 2nd Quarter) Joined Ballers Club with Dave Daniels, Johnny Columbus, Chase Henderson & Chris Diamond.
(2018 3th Quarter) Competed and won the 3rd Annual Tag Team Cup In Tokyo with Chris Diamond defeating Brass Ring Club [Kris Sullivan & JT Fury], Mason Ross & Harvey Hastings, Caleb Reed & Crowe & The ATL [Malcolm Frye & Deshawn Porter] in a steel cage match to become Tag Team Champions.
(2018 4th Quarter) Won a Light Heavyweight Championship 8 Man Ladder Match [Jaquan Shay, Chase Henderson, Brett Angel, Kris Sullivan, Prince Diamond, Joey Diaz, El Valentino]
(2019 1st Quarter) Lost The Light Heavyweight Championship to a returning Sam Valentine

Current Allies- Chris Diamond

Current Team/Factions- The Kings (Chris Diamond)

Bio- (Not gonna go into detail on his personal lif or how he grew up because i feel as if it contrasts from the point of this section.) Rob Cross was born and from the around his 10th birthday he realized he wanted to dance. So, he did just that. He continued dance for about 5 years until he suffered a terrible left knee injury leaving him out of competition and just dance entirely. He began to watch more T.V as he had more free time on his hand without practice and competitions. He found out about ROH (Ring Of Honor) and as soon as he saw the show at he knew what his true love was. Now he just needed to wait for his knee to be healed so he could be search for a place to learn the ways of the sport. Fast forward about 10 years and he's still wrestling even after a right knee injury cost him 2 months of his career. To this day, when you catch him talking about something other than The Kings he attributes all his wrestling ability to the first place he learned to wrestle, Brain Buster Pro.

Rob Cross:
Former Fusion Tag Team Champion (With Chris Diamond)
Former Light Heavyweight Champion

Gary Reid
Runner Up In The Return NGW Championship Tournament
Member Of The Arm Bar Society (With Walter Bolek)


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