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CAW BIO: Sugar Bae Stevenson + Spice Rawk

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CAW BIO: Sugar Bae Stevenson + Spice Rawk Empty CAW BIO: Sugar Bae Stevenson + Spice Rawk

Post by Master Ogon on Tue Sep 03, 2019 7:59 pm

Name: Sugar Bae Stevenson
Nicknames/Titles: “The Mean Green Jelly Bean” “The Rock’N’Roll Leviathan” and just whatever he feels like calling himself during a promo.
Born: November 10th, 1993
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 236
Alignment: Snake Heel
Fighting Style: Entertainment.

He’s loud, he’s annoying, and he’s very flamboyant. Sugar’s an interesting man with interesting drug test results and an even more interesting choice of clothing. He lives on the edge with numb feelings of any common sense and self-care. He’d rather die than be a nobody. He’s a whore for attention and seeks acknowledgement at every corner so he feels famous. The man talks in odd fashion for extra style points. He likes money but he likes fame more, his dreams of becoming the face of wrestling drive him to do questionable things. He’s not out there ripping people’s eyes out and drinking their blood every night but his impulsive behaviour can lead to him getting more aggressive than people would expect. He committed sins before and he’s more than willing to commit even more. He lives freely and for himself, he doesn’t often care about the concerns of others. He doesn’t care about the line since he’s living for himself, he’ll gladly cheat and jump to the front of that line even if it makes everyone despise him. His ego isn’t that of thinking he’s the greatest wrestler ever but rather him thinking he’s one of the most important people in every situation so he tries to force himself into almost every situation. Sugar’s a womanizer to his core even if he’s in a relationship right now, even if it’s not the most healthy one he swears that he’s loyal to her. His word means basically nothing though, the dude lies a lot. Dude’s basically the definition of an impulsive liar.

Underneath those silly shades is a man that’s desperate and feels like he has nothing to lose even if he does, he just barely cares about most of those things. He wants to have his cake and eat it too, he wants to be known as the very best while not being the most loyal to the rules. Sugar’s a flawed manipulative snake that’s willing to throw most people under the bus and just hide any guilt he might feel with a smug smile and an exotic pose. He hates being seen as weak and not as this fantastic persona he puts on every time he walks out to the ring, the quest to be above himself is his destruction. Not often is he dead serious but when he is, it’s certainly different than his usual playful behaviour. Sugar could destroy everything around him and he wouldn’t feel like he lost anything at all until he loses himself fully. So basically if I had to grade the kind of person he is, he’s an emotion manipulating whisky drinking bizarrely dressed desperate snake of a man that’s very ambitious and fun to party with. All around honestly a F ranked human being.

Sugar was born in Memphis, Cleveland to a lone father due to his mother’s death during childbirth. Even as the lone child, he didn’t get much attention from his father as he didn’t ever do much with him. He was there to get him food and to get him to school and didn’t bother to do much else with him. His father did care about him, he just never expressed it with words. Because of this Sugar began to find social satisfaction in school where he quickly became popular as the class clown. He was somewhat of a bully but he only went after targets he knew were easy to crack jokes on. His childhood went by quickly and he developed his love of professional wrestling during this time. As an adolescent is when things got a tad wild though. He got involved in more fights and he went through women like a fucking hot stereotype cop goes through doughnuts. The bad crowds he ran with became worse and he got involved in some uhh, not legal substances. He quit school at the age of 17 thinking he really didn’t need it, there was no way in hell he was going to get some office job and he wasn’t the biggest fan of sports so he figured there was no point to him being there and getting annoyed. He kept connections with his old pals from school and even managed to start up a hair metal band with four other people. The cheesy name was “Give Me Sugar!” and to be blunt they sucked and Stevenson was the only one that took it seriously as the vocalist. They never went anywhere and he blamed that on everyone else. Option B was to become a pro wrestler, so he tried his hand in that. His wrestling name? The same name he used while in the band, Sugar Bae Stevenson.

At the age of twentytwo and now an adult he noticed his connections with everyone he used to know just dying out. They were getting older and becoming more mature while Stevenson remained the same person. Not to mention they all kinda realized how big of a dick he was. Stevenson was alone beside the occasional trashy gal he’d take home every once in a while and concerts. His self-destructive drinking and partying was destroying his body and clear thinking so much he just figured he’d wander a bit and be a drifter. He needed to find his ambition again and he did all the way in Nashville Tennesse. He crossed roads with a woman a few years his elder. Was this woman any special to him the first time he got in? No. Was she the second time? Nah. This special girl honestly was just a stress reliever for him for a while even if he told her otherwise, they weren’t dating but they were involved in each other’s life often. This changed after he figured out she was doing the same thing he was doing in wrestling and then after one match with her as his manager, it all changed. He won that match without her involvement but due to how bad of a shape he was in, he wasn’t winning much at all. Believing she was some sort of good luck he kept her around and eventually developed feelings for her. This was the closest he ever got to actually ever caring about something and even loving someone out of his family. As time went on, however, things didn’t stay as innocent…

Now at twentyfive and becoming slightly more clean, he’s back on track and he’s tired of just playing for the little boys. Now he’s on a quest to get hired to CMV while dragging along his girlfriend to the top by any means necessary.

“Sugar Rush” [Stunner, finisher.]

“Clothesline From Heaven” [Winding Clothesline. signature.]

“Rolling Stone” [Honor Roll, signature.]


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CAW BIO: Sugar Bae Stevenson + Spice Rawk Empty Re: CAW BIO: Sugar Bae Stevenson + Spice Rawk

Post by TehGamerTribe on Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:31 pm

Life Details

Real Name: Veronica Leeanne Spicer

Height: 5’7

Weight: 161

Born: January 17th, 1990

Race: Caucasion

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

Wrestling Details

Ring Name: Spice Rawk

Nicknames: (Proclaimed by Sugar: Side Piece)

Style: Striking

Alignment: Heel By Association

Homelife And Personality

She was never really the same as the other girls she grew up with in Nashville, she wasn’t about the skirts and dresses. She always wore black T-shirts and baggy ripped jeans. Never having went through the “rebellious teen” stage as she was always in it. Maybe from the fact that she was living a life having to fight through her parents constant verbal abuse along with the occasional physical abuse to the surroundings, although it was never limited to that. Most of the time she tried to drown out the life outside her room with a drum set she had been working for for 2 years after getting a job at 15. She began to write her own music, never singing to it as she knew her voice wasn’t ideal for the part. She formed a quite shity three peice grunge band with her on the drums. They were called “Thoughts Two”. They really only made like two full songs, never finishing half the things they started due to the fact that the band quietly disbanded after like 4 months. She continued to write her own music, knowing it would get zero use other than when she sung it quietly to herself to make sure it flowed well. About 6 years later, finally getting out of the household that she couldn’t stand much longer, she decided to start doing a bit of theatre work to help her stay calm during performances.


She didn’t grow up the same as most little country girls living in a suburban cul de sac. She always had a strange yet cute obsession with bad role models of her time. When she was 5, she fell in love with Bon Jovi’s drummer, Tiko Torres. The rest of the girls were into pop icons lick Madonna and TLC. But she was in love with the more unnoticed of the bands. The less appreciated from the public eye. After the band mentioned previously she still wanted to be in a band, this time just more successful and less trashy. It didn’t help that she was more of an introvert than an extrovert. She took some theatre lessons and while she did it wasn’t in a normal class. It was at a free entry wrestling training school. She had heard of wrestling, never watched it, never got into it. But she knew that their had to be more to it than just fighting in underwear. And, she was completely right. The entire promo complex threw her off, yet she welcomed it. Un aware of what she was supposed to talk about or say she began to ramble the love she had for rock and drumming since a kid. When a man across the large room with a head of long curly hair terrible bong tattoo on the left shoulder yelled to her to go to him. She walked over, greeted by quite a hung over looking man with a slight goatee. He asked how she would like to follow along with him, telling her he could teach a thing or two. He was lying, clearly. But, she still went with it and followed along. They then were, separable, but not really. She was more or less used as a dopamine generator for Sugar, she was fine with it. Well, that’s what she let off in public. Although something bigger seemed to be going on at the same time. Other than that, the travel life was fine, crashing somewhere new every night was a different experience every time. And, no matter what Sugar did she would still follow him around. They kind of got into a very, very brittle relationship that could barely classify.

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