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Post by TehGamerTribe on Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:11 am

As the video begins we are greeted with a slightly open door that seems to be made of a darker type of woof.
We push the door open and as we do, a man dressed in a magenta pair of wrestling trunks barges by with a white jacket slung over his right shoulder. It's Rob Cross. He begins speaking almost immediately to someone over a desk, we can't see as his 6'3 figure blocks our view.

Rob Cross
Alright, I won the match, I went through hell so you best tell me what this unique opportunity is all about!

The camera pans around to reveal a man we've become decently familiar with after the past two months, Mr. O'Neil. He looks rather bored by Robs tone however, he sighs then begins.

Mr. O'Neil
Look, what you fought for can go one of two ways: You can go to Supremacy and be given a World Championship match against Mr. Proudfoot or You can go to Crossfire and become the Inaugural United States Champion. On one hand, a World Championship match sounds quite nice, doesn't it? Or, on the other hand, becoming the first ever Champion on Crossfire. You're a smart man and you've earned this opportunity so no matter what you choose
I expect you to make the most of it.

Rob then attempts to talk but it cut off by O'Neil.

Mr. O'Neil
And I suggest you don't be as impulsive as to choose now. You have two weeks maximum to come back to me with your decision. You can go now.

As the video begins to fade we see Rob walking out of the office with a pleasant smile across his face.

Rob Cross:
Former Fusion Tag Team Champion (With Chris Diamond)
Former Light Heavyweight Champion

Gary Reid
Runner Up In The Return NGW Championship Tournament
Member Of The Arm Bar Society (With Walter Bolek)


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