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CAW Bio: Joseph Santos

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CAW Bio: Joseph Santos Empty CAW Bio: Joseph Santos

Post by TheQuinceyShow on Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:14 pm

Name-Joseph Santos

DOB/POB-5/21/87 and Orlando Florida

*Florida Flatliner*
Flatliner Variations


Book End

Fighting Style-Striker mixed with highflying

Backstory-Jesse D. Santoz was born on 5/21/87 to Isabelle Santoz and Edward Santoz in Orlando Florida. Jesse has an older sister. Santos loved wrestling from an early age, his parents didn’t like wrestling but loved that he was into something that wasn’t drugs or killing. He found his love of wrestling after kids at his school kept talking about the likes of Ric Flair, Sting, Dusty Rhodes and so on. His favorite wrestler is Sting and he wanted to be a wrestler because he was inspired by Sting. After High School, he worked for a small indy promotion in Orlando. He mainly was the clean up guy but was able to be used as a jobber a few times under a mask and the name ‘El chico’. He later adopted the name Joseph Santos, he got this name because he had a dog named Joseph and wanted to still retain the last name but he switched it up a little bit. His gimmick was a loud mouth who talked a lot of smack but was only 5’9 172 pounds. He managed to work in the local promotion for about 5 years before leaving after the company folded. He still wanted to wrestle, so he worked from company to company until CMV called and tagged Santos with Tenra in NGW. They went on a losing streak until they eventually won #1 contendership of the NGW Tag Titles and ultimately won the titles. They lost the titles first defense and Santos attacked Tenra a month or so later. Santos became the most hated man in NGW, even going on interviews and saying he was getting death threats. Santos eventually had an end to his feud with Tenra as Tenra brutalized Joseph resulting in a double turn. Santos cracked his orbital bone, he returned in a promo saying that he was ok and “The florida flatliner is no more. The upside down frown is here!” Joseph Santos was in talks of getting a new gimmick with management and after watching Norman Smiley, he decided to adopt the “Upside down frown” nickname and go back to his more cheerful attitude, a gimmick he previously had in several other promotions. Santos also gambled on a new finisher that was an inverted overdrive, but has thought on switching back to The Florida Flatliner while stillusing his new nickname. What will Santos do now?

Joseph Santos
1x NGW Tag Champion with Tenra 1/13/19 - 2/24/19
Died at the hands of Tenra but came back to life

Harry Wallace
Former member of The Wrecking Crew
Harry loses LUL
Like Mojo Rawley but loses more

Riley Van Wilson
CHN-POl Connection
Last ever NGW Women's Championship
NGW/CMV Women's Champion 8/6/19 -
Quickest match in CMV history (25 seconds)
Riley Wins LUL

Shou Rong
CHN-POL Connection
She is Chinese, Dashing
Has sex with pans

Rich Hamilton (Former CMV Member)
Mustache Powers
Better than the mountain
Like Macho Man but without the cocaine

Jerry Hattrick (Former CMV member)
Mustache Powers
Better than the mountain
Like Hulk Hogan but without the racism

Mike Kersh (Former CMV member)
Punched a woman in the crotch
Evaporated after eating a Kit-Kat bar

Chris Danger
Dashing told me to make promos for him and he'll send me feet pics
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