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CAW BIO: Jon Reed

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CAW BIO: Jon Reed

Post by HellishxHades on Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:07 pm

Ring Name: Jon Reed
Real Name: Jonathon Reed
Birth Date: 12/7/1995: 22 years old
Birth Place: Huntington, West Virginia
Billed From: West Virginia
Signatures: Whippersnapper, Superkick
Finisher: The Fall: Fireman Carry Cutter

Early Life:

Jonathon Reed was born on Dec. 7th 1997, to Tammy Reed and Harvey Reed. He has three siblings – an older sister and 2 younger brothers. His father left when he was 2 years old. He been bullied throughout school. He decided at a young age that he dreamed of pursuing a career as a professional wrestler, just at every opportunity something happen to his personal life.

Pre CMV Wrestling Career:

Wrestled at a small independent company called Big Time Wrestling under the ring name Nero. While at BTW he accomplished a hall of fame career in a few years, becoming the company first person to hold every title once in his career. He held the BTW tag team title with his tag partner Blade (aka Zachary Crowe), he held the BTW Hardcore title 3x and is currently holds the longest reign for the BTW Hardcore Championship for 13 month 2 weeks. He has also held the BTW World Heavyweight championship 1 time. At The Big Explosion – BTW Biggest Live Event of the year. He faced his former tag partner Blade for the Heavyweight belt. In a losing effort giving the company there biggest match they have ever had. 2 month later Jon Reed suffered a Concussion after being hit with a flying/catching superkick. He asked to be released from his contract to finish up school. 1 year later inducted to the BTW Hall of Fame as the youngest entrant.


Jon Reed debuted alongside Zachary Crowe, know known as Crowe, as Crowe requested back up from his former best friend. He instantly started smack talking fan favorite Tim LaFave all over twitter, this ended when The Fallen got there asses handed to them by T & Lee on Genesis, and then by Vicious and Delicious the following week. The Fallen disappeared for a couple of weeks then Jon Reed reappeared in the Royal Rumble match and went off on the two big men Head Hunter and Marcental. He and Crowe has appeared on house shows since. At the 4th annual Ascendance he alongside of Crowe and ArchAngel faced off against The Unholy Alliance in a losing effort. Crowe getting pinned.

At Exodus he and Crowe faced Extreme Condition, in a losing effort. He then went and deliver a brutal beat down on Crowe, costing him a month of his career. He started season 4 of CMV fueding with Shiloh Gray, which ended at Tokyo at the Tag Team Cup, where he caused Shiloh to have to under go surgery. He beat Bob Luger on Genesis and was added to Team Genesis at Validation.

He was Team Genesis 2nd entry and eliminated 2 men, Trauma and Bannon. He was then tooken out by Sam Valentine. He was rewarded a title shot agianst then International Champion Randy Borton at the PPV Point Break. In a losing effort. He would have a  second opportunity inside the Elimination Chamber, agian in a losing effort. He was able to pull a victory over Andrew Briggs at Regicide in the preshow.

He formed the Hell Fire Club only For Jay Davis to quit like bitch and end it after a couple of weeks. He went to reform The Hell Fire Club with Afterlife and Kaiva attacking Randy Borton at Emergence 2018.

He would go and give Guri Sokanov his first singles lost, and again at Absolution this time with his Hell Fire Club. Later that night he enter #30 in the Royal Rumble, making it to the Final 4 only to be eliminated by the other 3 triple teaming him.

He was announce as the 6 member of the Number 1 Contender Elimination chamber at Purgatory.

Match Types He been in:
Tug a War,
Elimination Chamber,
Tornado Tag Team Elimination,
Royal Rumble

Storyline history:

First storyline was Jon and Crowe calling out T & Lee to no aveil.

Dark Lord Storyline:
The build to ascendance 4 we see strange video and story from  both sides. Ending with the Fallen losing the feud.

The Fall to Extreme Storyline:
The Fallen looking to regain ranking, began targeting Extreme Condition, resulting with them losing at the Season. 3 Finale and Reed injuring Crowe.

Gray vs Reed Storyline:
Started on The Talk show tension, Jon Reed challenging Shiloh Gray to a match. The two found tag partners for Cyberslam where Shiloh and Isiah defeated Reed and Maverick. But Reed would defeat Gray at The Tag Team Cup, injuring him after the show. Reed won the fued.

Fusion vs Genesis:
After defeating Bob Luger, he was offer a spot on the team Genesis Team for Validation. Jon joined in hopes of getting a reward out of it. He would eliminate 2 people from the Tug a War, and helping Team Genesis win the Tug a War.

IC Fued 1:
As Jon Reed reward he was named #1 Contender from Dave Turner. He would lose at Point Break in a good showing, and again in the Elimination Chamber.

HFC vs Guri Sokanov:
Jon forms the Hell Fire Club, and is challenge by Guri Sukonov. Jon would go and give Guri his first singles lost and then beat him again with the HFC at Absolution.

World Title Elimination chamber:
Due to Jon Record he was put in the the no 1 Contender Elimination Chamber for the World title at Ascendance

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Re: CAW BIO: Jon Reed

Post by HellishxHades on Fri Jul 07, 2017 5:16 am



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Main Event Star!

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